As photographers, well… we want to spend our time making images. And for most that is absolutely fine. But for some of us, we wish to have our work sold. But that is easier said than done. You need time to make a product out of the photograph, meaning print, mount, frame, the whole shabang. Then you gotta actually sell the thing and then ship it. Feeeew!

So, I received an email from Kyle with his new project, Nava a studio that takes care of all of the above, just focus on creating great images. From their site:

Now in order to be transparent, I have not dealt with them personally yet, but the project seems sound and very interesting. I might drop a few submissions myself if time permits 🙂

Here's Kyle for you:

Calling all IE readers sitting on quality photographs! My name is Kyle, and I'm behind a recently launched venture called Nava: Nava publishes prints by leading emerging and independent artists in quarterly-released collections. Anyone in the world can submit photographs via the Nava website.

A guest curator ultimately decides the composition of each collection. Selected photographs are sold on our website as limited edition, framed prints. We print, mount, and frame photographs using the same materials/methods as leading galleries (e.g. inkjet pigment prints, acid and lignin free materials, uv and non-glare acrylic glazing, etc).

Susan Bright Photograph by Erik Madigan Heck

This upcoming collection is guest curated by Susan Bright (influential photography curator based in Paris). If you want to expand or establish your base of collectors, Nava is a great opportunity to do so. Submissions for this next collection are open until the end of August. Thank you, IE!