Greg Krycinski was born in Poland, currently residing in London and planning a move to Japan. He is a sound engineer by trade, a family man by choice and a photographer by heart. Currently mostly occupied by building spaceships out of LEGO blocks.




What inspired you to become a photographer?

There was no inspiration as such. No fanfares, light rays from heaven and a hand reaching down handing me a camera.




In 2012 I was diagnosed with a hearing condition that would deteriorate further had I continued with a career of a sound engineer.




I had to look away from working with sound and find another vocation to keep me happy. As I had an upcoming trip to Japan within the next couple of months, I was in the process of buying my first ever camera and learning how to use it.




I wanted to record the said trip to the best of my abilities. I got sucked in by the technicalities of exposure, focus systems etc. and the rest just naturally followed.




After getting to grips with all the technical aspects of it I got more into the aesthetics of visual design.




These days I find works of the likes of Josef Koudelka, Ray Metzker or Michael Kenna keep me inspired to get out there and shoot, in search of that perfect frame.




What are you trying to do with your photography?

First and foremost, I am trying to simplify the world around me. Striping it of colours, reducing it to bare minimum of shapes and the play of light and shadow I'm trying to arrange it in a way that makes sense to me, and makes it easier for me to understand it.




We are simply bombarded with information every single day and we cannot control whther it is the kind of information we desire or not.




Visual stimulations come at us from every single angle and more often than not it is distracting us from the very nature of life.




Minimizing distractions and focusing on one thing at a time can help one appreciate the surroundings.




What do you want to show?

The world as I see it? The moment? These have become cliches in photography.




I'm trying to show the world as I would like to see it, simple and beautiful, almost abstract.



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