After years of using Nikon and Leica’s . I bought a second hand 1st Generation X100 unit as the reviews on the camera were outstanding and I wanted something small enough to carry with me all the time .

The only drawback at that time, is the fact that I had to deal with initially were odd looks and comments of my peers of “Why a Fuji”..LOL!!! I don’t seem to hear much of that nowadays…


Fuji -x100- Street and more - 2


The only words that give justice to this Gem of a camera comes from the poet WB Yeats … “The world is full of magic Things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper”.


Fuji -x100- Street and more - 3


The X100 is such a Thing! This camera surprises me every time I use it with latitude and range… I actually feel myself getting and better at my art every time I use this baby!


Fuji -x100- Street and more - 4


Fuji -x100- Street and more - 5


Fuji -x100- Street and more - 6


The X100 a top notch 23mm (35mm in 35mm terms) lens with a brilliant camera attached. It has brilliant low light capabilities and renders images in colour beautifully.


Fuji -x100- Street and more - 7


Fuji -x100- Street and more - 8


Excellent at full Auto , I seldom ever miss shot & it is so confidence inspiring that I don’t use the image preview function anymore. Yes…we are never in doubt and also …no more chimping for me …


Fuji -x100- Street and more - 9


Fuji -x100- Street and more - 10


Fuji -x100- Street and more - 11


Manual override using Exposure priority & spot metering , turbocharges the unit and the positive physical dials reminds us that we are in full control of our image destiny . The bright ,bright ,bright , electronic viewfinder with manual focus highlights is just ecstasy !


Fuji -x100- Street and more - 12


For me , F8 and Being There …ROCKS!!!

Its vintage looks and silent shutter (Yahoo!!!) makes for an excellent stealth cam for Street work…no one gives a hoot about an old uncle (I'm 52)  framing away with an analogue…so it seems …lol!


Fuji -x100- Street and more - 13


The X100 has opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of post-production work .

Having a 23mm fixed lens meant that I had to read and practice cropping …something I never did extensively prior to this. I was used to composing the final image in camera , so to speak …a hangover from composing in camera and sending the negatives to the developer days.


Fuji -x100- Street and more - 14


This lead me to the enthralling work of Arnold Newman and Fan Ho who both cropped extensively….in fact they insisted on it being de rigueur in “making a picture” , as Ansel Adams would say.


Fuji -x100- Street and more - 16


Are there any Negatives or Con to my Pros. … NONE really and I dare say there will always, I believe , a FUJI X100 or its variant in my camera bag as long as I can press shutters.


Street Photography and more with the Fuji X100 - 11b


What is it about the camera that makes it special …. ? At the risk of sounding cliché … the secret is really that The X100 is actually portable magic photo box J …it’s that good !


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