This is my second version of the Sony DSC Rx-100. I had the original model and when that left it earthly bonds, moved on up to the RX 100 Mark III.




I was impressed with the camera's sharpness and features, but the main thing that attracted me to it was its size.




I have a fairly high pressured day job and, except for vacations, not a lot of time to spend on photo-walks, so most of my photography happens during the day — commuting, at lunch, doing errands, etc., and the RX-100 makes it easy to have a camera with me — relatively unobtrusively — at all times.




And the size and features allow me to whip it out of my pocket, capture the image and have it back in my pocket before anyone knows I was there. The pop-up view finder on the Mark III is nice, although has a few issues (like when you pop it back down, it turns off the camera.)




A better zoom might be nice in some circumstances where I just can't get close enough.The ergonomics took a bit of getting used to — the buttons aren't as touch-friendly as they might be.




Sony has its own menu idiosyncrasies, but there are enough customizable memory features to satisfy my comfort zone. I also found the Mark I a bit delicate. Had to get it repaired once after a year of heavy use.




After another problem, they sent me a refurbished model which lasted about a year before it malfunctioned. So far, after about a year the Mark III seems to be holding up well.




Here's some of my images made with the camera, the last two are from the Mk I




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