Architecture, travel and quirky shots by John Walker

John Walker is a Builder of Architect designed homes. Photography is his passion, architecture and detail help immensely in his pursuit of a shot. He live in the small coastal town of Torquay, Victoria, Australia



What inspired you to become a photographer

I have had a camera since I was 20 in the film days but my first digital in 2004 really got the juices flowing, so from a small Canon to Pentax DLSR gear, I swapped systems to the Olympus OMD EM1 m43 and their PRO lenses which I love it has certainly increased my skills and rate of keepers and it is a lot more compact and versatile.



I also carry the wonderful Ricoh GR when I need to have a pocket camera its so sharp and perfect for street work. I carry my cameras absolutely everywhere I go as I am a very spontaneous shooter and have to shoot when the opportunity arises.



I shoot in raw and Aperture priority but I am not into the ‘maths’ of photography and the multi faceted technology of the complex menu, I know the camera knows more than me but it’s the feel of the shot that’s the important thing not if I have perfected complex settings.



What am I trying to do with your photography?

Learn more, shoot more, develop the craft, that’s why I don’t want to be locked into a style and just shoot everything that interests me after all I’m the one I have to satisfy if anyone else likes them that’s a bonus and a great compliment.



Living in a small town the coast is always my back up for my photography obsession and the city and architecture is there when a can get to it.



I have learnt to shoot my town at night to create interest and a different perspective and it can substitute for the city that’s far away.



I started a project in 2010 shooting all the buildings along The Esplanade, Torquay to show the way it has changed over time, I plan to reshoot in 2020.



Architecture and landscape play a huge role in my photography but I would like to be more outgoing with street photography so that’s an area I need to improve on.



What do you want to show

I live in a great part of the world and showing that is part of my photography, getting up early and following the tides and the weather. Architecture, travel and quirky shots I want to take them all!
Many thanks for the opportunity to appear here.



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