How experimentation become research of myself by Daniele Martire

Daniele Martire is a Project Manager who loving design and have walking photographic habits.

Under no artistic or photographic education but only by experimentation, I started shooting at concerts with a film camera and making typography design on iPhone.
Now, after years, a couple of exhibitions, features online and on books, I mostly shoot Streetphotography for my own joy, during my free time.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

Even though i studied Engineering, I always had an innate passion for visual arts, music and symbolism.
I started to design web sites when I was in high school; my passion for photography grew just years later when I had the chance to attend concerts free of charge in exchange for my taken pictures.
It was at that time that I also realized I could start experimenting more, using flash, gels and double exposures, widening my perspective horizons.


Finally, after graduation I had (and still have) the lucky chance to travel a lot, mostly to Japan: this lead me to be like a stranger ghost wandering in the cities, always remembering other’s own private space and never overstep it.
In conclusion, I am also not very good in remembering names/faces and in expressing in words my own feelings/visions.
I guess all of the above were the focus points which lead me to photography: to feel, to not forget and to try to disclose in pictures my most inner emotions.

What inspires your photography?

During all of my life, I’ve been widely inspired by the Japanese functional simplicity, its natural sense of beauty and its everyday contrasts.
Indeed, the beauty of imperfection (Wabi-sabi) is probably what I verge for, either in my private life and in my photography: I shoot whenever I feel the need to and I leave untouched any so-called “imperfection”, which basically are what makes the story behind a picture. Nevertheless, I naturally also attend exhibitions (well known and unknown artists) and get a lot of inspiration through Instagram/Eyeem, despite not being fan of names.

What does it mean to you?

Having beside me a very beautiful and sensitive woman born in Japan, her traditional and cultural principles are everyday tightly connected to my lifestyle, even though they sometimes clash with my Italian ones. And I love that (and her!).

How did the project start?

As a pleasant twist of fate, I started streetphotography in my beloved Japan, much likely thrilled by its interesting culture, sensual scents and vibrant-to-zencity mood.
Those pictures range from daily life streetphotography to blurred landscape, from still-life photography to psychedelic double-exposures (see portfolio).
More than a single project, I can say that, in general, all of my series basically converge to a continuous research of myself and of my own vision; they mostly talk of human beings.

How did you approach the subject matter?

I mostly shoot candid. Back in the years, I was really afraid to take portrait-like picture of strangers.
Only after years of “walking in the streets” I am realizing how shooting strangers in their own habitat is not leading to anything bad, most of the time: a smile or moving the sight over a different subject can help a lot.
Despite my job would lead to do the contrary, I usually don’t plan any of my shots nor places. I like to walk, observe and fully live the city.

What cameras did you shoot with and why?

I started with a very cheap Zenith film camera (of which I still own and use the Helios M42 lens today) together with the funny plastic Holga which allowed me to take my photography closer to a more “artistic and design” degree (though the line between art and trash is quite thin…).
Unfortunately, considering the process of film development became too expensive for me, I had to switch to digital but always keeping in mind a film approach to photography, shooting single to two shots per frame.

My first digital camera was a Sony DSLR (then, stolen in my own home) while always using my iPhone to create typo-photography or design-photography on the go.
Today I use Fujifilm XE2 only: I felt immediately in love with its lightweight compact design, small but sharp lenses and not-so-scary look (which truly helps in streetphotography).
I carry it with me almost all the time, as a third eye hence I lost the need to use my iPhone to shoot but only for small editing (e.g. levels adjustment and film filters). Personally I do not use any macbook due to the very light use of editing I need.

What are you looking for in street photography?

As stated above, I try to freeze moments that looks imperfect and that, perhaps, feel genuine. Streetphotography, in particular, is my own way to live the city in a more complete experience.

Any closing comments?

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

Street photography is all about feeling the city, its sounds, scents and lights; the boundary in between to observe and to live a city is, in my opinion, the most efficient and fun way to do Streetphotography.

For anyone interested, my complete portfolio can be found here:

  • Eyeem danielemartire
  • Instagram daniele_martire
  • Facebook Daniele Martire photography

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