Hunting for a sunbeam that passes by Barbara Corvino

Barbara Corvino live in a coastal town in the North West of Italy. She is an architect and a self-taught amateur photographer.


Entrando in cattedrale


I began photographing during my youth and my passion for it keeps growing.I started with some compact cameras, then a fully manual SLR, that was followed by other more “modern” ones. A dozen years ago I switched to digital, first a little compact, then a DSLR.


03 BarbaraCorvino


The cameras and accessories that I use should be simple and functional for my needs.I think that the photography is not related to a medium, but mainly arises from the eye, the mind and the sensitivity of the creator.




Photography is a means to express myself, to show my interpretation of reality. I love photography, I photograph because I like it, I enjoy it, I am excited to discover new subjects. I just photograph everything, everywhere….. all that I see.



About ten years ago I started with “street photography”, it happened when I found my way to this photographic genre. Typically my images are simple, minimalist and I’m interested especially in the composition. I also enjoy obtaining painting and abstract effects using light, motion, blur, out-of-focus. I have kept these features in my photos taken in the street, where I’m attracted to the details of everyday life, contrast of light and dark, shadows, silhouettes, geometry…




The project that I show here, is about my hometown. Especially on Sunday, I mingle with the tourists and I pretend to photograph the historic beauties of my town.


2 + 1


Actually I am hunting for a sunbeam that passes through the narrow alleys, often just a few minutes a day and in a few days of the year. Found the right place, I expect that somebody walks through, allowing me to obtain silhouettes, backlights or shadows.



I also love, in the modern area of the town, abstract and a bit  metaphysical sceneries, geometric patterns, clean backgrounds and negative spaces. And “street” for me is not only the street, but also the beach in winter or the interior of monumental buildings.


09 BarbaraCorvino


My aim is to interpret, with my “photographic” eye, the presence of the people in the urban landscape: not recognizable people, anonymous and therefore universal. This is my own “street photography”: welcome to my world!


10 BarbaraCorvino


Lastly I can suggest you: don't believe that it’s necessary to reach faraway lands to take good photographs and don't just document what you see.


The loop


The important thing is to see what surrounds us with different eyes: “Le seul véritable voyage ce ne serait pas d’aller vers de nouveaux paysages, mais d’avoir d’autres yeux“ (Marcel Proust).


The visitor


Thank you for your attention!




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15 thoughts on “Hunting for a sunbeam that passes by Barbara Corvino”

  1. Totally agree w/ Brett. Outstanding photos! Love the contrast, stark shadows, composition, and some nice moments.

  2. Your photos are really awesome, love the large parts of black and how the light is falling thru the scene , very inspiring !

  3. Hi Barbara
    You just make stunning pictures.
    I love your very pure and clean style and I presume your architecture style is similar.
    As I am starting in street photography yours images are an excellent lesson for me.
    Thank you for sharing your own experience I really enjoyed this article and keep going with this nice look.

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