Definitely Something else: India Street Photography by Luc Kordas

Luc Kordas is fine art, street and travel photographer based in New York. He taking pictures for about 10 years and now starting with travel and portraits. He is constantly on the move, always traveling, so travel photography comes naturally.




I am a fine art, street and travel photographer. I have been taking pictures for about 10 years now starting with travel and portraits, to which I remained faithful to this day, and later after moving to New York developing interest in street photography as well.




I am constantly on the move, always traveling, so travel photography comes naturally, this is how I record my journey. I like photography for its immediate effects and the creativity it allows you to nurture.




This series of photographs is taken in India during my 2014 trip to Rajasthan. I had been thinking of going there for a couple of months before I managed to get it organized. I spent 3 long weeks in hectic and chaotic cities of Rajasthan. It was a true cultural shock, everything was new, so that was great in term of pictures – inspiration everywhere.




Originally those photos were in color, but I converted them into black and white so they fit to my website's general theme where all of my travel photography is in b&w. Despite this maybe looking like film analog camera, it was all shot on Canon 5D Mk II but processed so that it has that older look.




I love traveling as much for the landscapes as for the chances of meeting people from around the world. In India, for instance, one encounter I won't forget was a chit-chat with an old street portrait photographer in Jaipur who was using a 150 years old camera. When he offered to take my portrait I happily agreed and then watched the whole process of him developing it on the spot.




That was magic right there. When I travel I do it on the cheap, using local transport and mixing with the crowd, so there are plenty of chances to interact with local folks.




The best part is the story they tell you and if you can speak their language, it's even better. In street photography, sometimes it's better to surprise your subject and take unposed photos, but other times it actually pays to familiarize yourself with them, give it a bit of time and then ask if you can take their portrait.




In India people are used to being photographed, so approaching them was not very difficult. I just photographed whoever and whatever seemed interesting as I went along.




India was definitely something else. A journey like no other for me. A cultural shock, but also an eye opener.




I guess it's one of those travels that need to sink in, you need time to realize what happened, often only after you're back home, because over there things happen very quickly, it's like a carrousel of emotions, colors and faces. I definitely want to go back and see the south one day.




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