Humor and mystery: Israel street photography by Ilan Burlais

Ilan Burlais 44 years old CG animator who shooting across Tel Aviv street looking for pictures with sense of humor or some mystery on it.


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My name is Ilan Burla. I am 44 years old and live in Israel. Im working as a CG animator in a post production company. Im also a father of 3 young kids. All of my spare time is dedicated to photography.


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My journey begun as my first kid was born and i bought my first camera. Soon I realized what a powerful tool it is and a amazing way to express myself. As I was developing as a photographer I realized that street photography for me is the most enjoyable and intriguing. . .


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I love the streets, the relationship with the environment, the pets, the sounds the smells. There are so many and all kinds of stories to tell. At almost any given moment and I want to do it as much as I can.


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Inspiration is everywhere. There are so many great street photographers today that I enjoy watching their work. Of course there are the Masters like HCB, Martin Parr, Alex Web , William Klein, Garry Winogrand etc.


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Photography for me is pure fun. I do it with love and passion. The moment when I go out to the street with the camera in my hand is a moment of joy and anticipation.


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I like using different kinds of techniques, shooting with flash, long exposures, freezing the action. Each day brings own surprises, good or bad. The one thing I am trying to do most of the time is to get close as I can to the scene.  I feel that way is the most effective and fascinating and it helps the viewer connect.


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I mostly use my Nikon DSLR with a wide angle lens. Recently I received a Fuji x100t as a present and I enjoy it so much!


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The street photography I like the most is with a sense of humor. Or a mystery in it. It is great to see all of this great pics from all over the world which made me laugh and curious.


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Tel Aviv is a great city because of her versatility and amazing locations. Most of the time I find myself strolling the streets of TA looking for the next pic to keep.


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I hope i will have the ability to do it all my life. Major thanks to my wife and kids that allow me to do so.


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4 thoughts on “Humor and mystery: Israel street photography by Ilan Burlais”

  1. Yes,really great, please keep doing what you’re doing.! You have really caught the atmosphere of the beach. I spent a v happy year living in TA (in 2001), rehov ha avoda, opposite my friend Sarite’s vintage clothes store. If you find yourself down there one day , I d love to see what you might find! So good to see the real Israel, thank you.

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