Timeless city: Istanbul Street Photography by Mustafa Dedeoğlu

“Timeless city & faces” The city that has been carrying the wisdom of hundreds of years, timeless city of Istanbul… The project is result of 6 years work and intends to reflect the atmosphere of the unique story of Istanbul – the city that has been home to many cultures for centuries, although it's majestic silhouette remained unchanged forever. The key element of the project is focusing on emotional value of the images, keeping the sense of time apart. Rather than presenting modern looks of Istanbul, this series of photos focuses on back streets of the city, its historical quarters and melancholic trait, paying tribute to its inhabitants as well, with their portraits.




Please tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born in 1978 in Üsküdar, which is one of the oldest district of Istanbul. I always lived in Istanbul except university education. I did my university studies in industrial engineering in Cyprus.




What inspired you to become a photographer?

Completely by chance, in 2006 a comment made under the artistic photografy drew my attention. Along with the comment watching the photo gave me a pleasure difficult to explain. After this event, with a quite amateur camera, I began to wandering and imaging the back streets of my passionate city Istanbul.


003 passenger


Immediately after, I signed in the commented web site I mentioned before and I've shared the photos I've taken. The positive reviews and critics about my works was pretty excited me, so my photography adventure had begun.


004 council


Whats inspires your photography?

I always give priority to the composition in my photographs. A feeling or opinion should occur on person who watch my photos. I just do not take pictures with esthetic and technical criteria. I take care each of my photo to be hosted a feeling and a story.


005 Galata


I think that source of inspiration consist of several components in photography or in other brach of art. I think the greatest treasure of an artist is intellectual accumulation, music, cinema and nature etc. are other factors that activating this accumulation leading to the production.


006 to kite


What does it mean to you?

Photography; a way to express myself.


008 golden horn


How did the project start?

In 2007, I mean at the year that I first started photography, I started to displaying Istanbul according to my own perception and also with a different way as much as possible. An ongoing project until the present day within a particular dicipline.


009 dreamer


How did you approach the subject matter?

Istanbul is a treasure for photographers. A subject can be discussed in a number of ways. I focused on the historical texture of Istanbul and back streets. while reserving the concept of time I display Istanbul in my photography reminiscent of past, in a way little melancholic.


010 birdy


What cameras did you shoot with and why?

I shoot with Nikon D800. There's no particular reason, I started with photography nikon so I continue.


011 ruler


Any anecdotes you can share?

As I took people-oriented pictures,I have countless stories. For example, the Dog photo that I shared with you. (grateful) The hero person of the photography is living in the streets, but sharing his bread with the dogs. That impressed me very much. I think poor people give more importance to sharing and love.



What are you looking for in street photography?

Human. Primarily and the subject excites me most is undoubtedly human. Because human himself carries the most of the stories. Even in a portrait you can narrate stories full of pages. In this respect, human very rich instrument for a photograph. This is not to say that I'm against human-free photo. A landscape photo can cause similar feelings to wiever, but it sounds like me a piece is missing without human.


012 LIFE


Any closing comments?

In this crazy world, everyone should give yourself the opportunity to stop and think. It's not just people engaged in art photography, all mankind must stop and listen to their inner voice, there is a benefit slowing down a little bit. Humans can not produce if they don't listen to themselves and inner voices. My advice to beginner friends in photography is to stop and listen to themselves.


013 Salute


They may realize that which style should they directed and what would they be happier. Also it seems to me, to be a stylish taking a same style photography continuously is not right logic. I think the goal should be; every single photo you take should contain a part, a trail from yourself. For this, the fist condition is to be sincerely, ignoring the popularity.

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3 thoughts on “Timeless city: Istanbul Street Photography by Mustafa Dedeoğlu”

  1. Hi Mustafa, greetings from London!
    I really like your work very much, very filmic and interesting stories being told. I agree with all that you say about being quieter and more thoughtful, this shows how important this is in your work which mean they have depth and are not shallow.
    I agree that even landscape (most of my work) lacks something without a subject , it may not need to be human, but it works best when it is! Thank you for showing us. Good luck, be safe. Wish peace for your wonderful city and country

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