Emotions: Manaus Brazil Street Photography by Antonio Heinrich

Pedro Antonio Heinrich is a Brazilian street photograph who has an eye for catching human emotion. He uses a Canon T3i and a Canon XT and, in rare situations, his phone too.


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Please tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Pedro Antonio Heinrich. I was born in Manaus (Amazon Capital), Brazil. I'm 29 years old and started shooting in July 2014.


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What inspired you to become a photographer?

I always wanted to learn to shoot, but for various reasons I never could. When I started as a dog walker, in Porto Alegre / Brazil streets, I realized that being there watching gave me an immense pleasure and somehow I wanted to keep a record of what I saw. So I started shooting with a mobile phone (a Motorola EX 115).


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I was enjoying the momentum that the streets offer and I can say that my photography was born on the streets. I like to take advantage of every element that the streets offers me. My first inspiration came with the photos of Henri Cartier-Bresson and I start to shoot only in black and white. After a long time, once I understood which would express the scene better, I added color to the photos.


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What inspires your photography?

I love the integration of the human-being with the environment, geometric shapes, shadows … everything that may involve human elements and the streets.


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What does it mean for you?

It is the most important thing I have in life after my family, everything I do in relation to photography is done with love, intensity and passion. I will do this until my last days of life for sure!


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How did the project start?

I basically do not plan what I will do on the street. I simply photograph everything I find interesting and what is pleasing to my eye.


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How did you approach it?

I use the technique “Shoot From The Hip” and only in some pictures I must talk with people and ask permission. But generally no one ever sees me photographing.


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What camera did you shoot with and why?

I use a Canon T3i and a Canon XT and on some rare occasions I use the phone. I often shoot with a 18mm lens.


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Any anecdotes you can share?

I have no relevant situation.


Pedro Heinrich (12)


What are you looking for in street photography?

I try to show the real beauty of the streets of my city without interfering with people's actions. It's like documenting life in that period and putting my emotions into each shot.


Pedro Heinrich (13)


Any closing comments?

To shoot the street you need to be fully integrated with your equipment, you need to have a high level of complicity and be swift. Visualising compositions will become easier as you spend more time on the streets. I was photographing all day under the sun (lots of sun!) and rain! The street is my laboratory, office, my home and will be a part of my life forever! I love street photography.


Pedro Heinrich (16)


Thank you so much!

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