Inspiring Mexico Street Photography by Chuck Allen

Mexico street photography is interesting. My name is Chuck Allen, and I had chance to spend couple weeks in San Miguel in central Mexico with my wife’s artist group. I simply went ahead and roamed the streets.

San Miguel is really a colonial era city and contains beautiful architecture that is wonderful to roam and do street photography in. Even if what really ended up attracting me was the people, I couldn't help incorporate the buildings in color in my shots. The colors of this city are simply wonderful.

Mexico street photography

The images I shot are below and are shot with a Fuji x100T.


It's my first time doing the one camera, one lens experiment; I left all of my other gear like my large Nikon at home. The Fuji was lightweight and really helped.


I must say I have become a bit of a Fuji fan, especially after better learning processing curve for Fuji X-files, also love the Ricoh GR – just starting to take it with me.

Mexico street photography

All the shots are with a Fuji X100T but I did occasionally use the WCL-100 wide angle adapter to get some wider door, window, architectural type shots. The WCL-100 converts the 35mm into a 28mm field of view.


My favorite images tended to be the people shots, environmental portraits so to speak, I think they capture the look, the feel of the people.


About mexico street photography

Mexico is a great city to do street photography in. I really loved the mix of colors and people, and of course respect everyone you meet in the streets. While roaming them, I could see lots of poverty and respect is important. Mexicans are also very religious and try to show it in your images.

Street photography is a great genre that can mixes every other sub-genre like portraits, landscapes and candids well, couple with a small portable camera like the Fuji, it's an amazing combination and visiting Mexico is highly recommended! Also learn the basics of the language, like hello and thank you (Hola, gracias, buenos dias & more) so that you can communicate. People love it when you do a little effort towards them and it helps with having your camera accepted.

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3 thoughts on “Inspiring Mexico Street Photography by Chuck Allen”

  1. Hey Chuck,
    I like your picures, nice colors, thanks to 1) the place and 2) the Fuji X100T, I suppose! I used to own an X100, but sold it, because of the quirks this first model had. Yet I sometimes regret that, or rather, I think of buying an X100T, which is said to have been improved a lot… Anyway, happy shooting! 🙂

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