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Alina Autumn is 23 years old creative photographer from Saratov, Russia. She is inspired by natural beauty of people, nature, cinema, vintage, light, and color.



It is important to me that the photo didn't leave the viewer indifferent, and that I tell a small story.  Recently I was fond of the mobile photo that has allowed me to look at the world on another. I like to imprint the moments from everyday life of people unfamiliar to me.



I am very much inspired by process when you need to catch a shot quickly. I posted mobile photos in “Instagram” and didn't apply for high art. However, I managed to get to top ten photographers-documentary film makers of the world according to Vogue Italia within the PhotoVogue project. The attention to my works is very pleasant to me, through them I show the love to Russia, to the city.



What inspired you to become a photographer?

The photo is the only art form which allows me to speak with the world. Self-realization was always important for me. The photo has helped me to change, become more sociable person. By means of the mobile photo I struggle every day with fears. In the street photo important aren't afraid and to do shots safely, otherwise then it is possible to regret about the missed moment.


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Whats inspires your photography?

In the mobile street photo I am inspired by process. You never know what picture you will receive as a result, you doesn't control object of shooting. I am inspired by bright colors and contrasts (clothes or other bright objects), harmony of a background and the person (both natural locations, and architectural), a play of light, movement. The interest in street shooting literally absorbs you and you see future frame practically in all that surrounds you. The main thing to point the camera in time:)



What does it mean to you?

The hobby for the street photo became part me. To go outside and not to make a successful photo? So won't go! I always look around at new plots which I want to stop by means of the phone camera. The mobile photo helped me to see brighter and much more interesting than patterns!



How did the project start?

I think that everything has begun with the fact that looking through works of other authors, I wanted to try to share how I see the world. Now I can tell that I inspire people to see more beauty in daily things.



How did you approach the subject matter?

I needed several attempts to understand that for my mobile photos there is a place. I was born and lived in the city of Saratov, but last year have gone to study to Moscow. I like Moscow, but I all life lived in a country town. I have got used to original architecture and long couldn't find it in Moscow. Now the mobile photo helps me to find in each city the place for itself.



What cameras did you shoot with and why?

I take the mobile picture on iPhone 4s, and digital on Canon 1100D. I accept my equipment though it is considered budget.



Any anecdotes you can share?

At me the amusing stories connected with the mobile street photo often happen. I try to photograph people so that they didn't notice it, but it turns out not always. Often people see that they are removed. It becomes a shame to me, but I continue to do shots. People call me the spy, or think that look somehow ridiculously if they are photographed.



What are you looking for in street photography?

The street photo for me is a perennial spring of inspiration. Here it isn't necessary to be prepared for shooting in advance, to look for model and a requisite. Everything is already ready, it is necessary only to go outside and look for successful shots. Probably, it is possible to call it photo hunting. Besides inspiration, you receive an adrenaline charge. Coming home and looking through shots, it is possible to be proud of himself if it was succeeded to keep the next interesting moment, увиведь harmony of the person and environment in a picture or to catch beautiful light.



Any closing comments?

I want to wish to people to test in different types of the photo. It helps to see the world more fully!

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