When photography is more powerful than art by Enamul Kabir

Md. Enamul Kabir (nickname-Rony) was brought up in a small town in Bangladesh named Kotchandpur and he is currently based in Dhaka, working for a private organization.


I never had any interest in photography until the end of 2012 when I quit my job. I was struggling to get a job and my days were frustrating. For mental refreshment I started visiting different places with photography groups and waited for someone to take a photo of me which I could use as a Facebook profile photo.




It was a beautiful evening when I crossed a bridge and the beautiful sky pushed me to take photo with my cell phone. People started appreciating the photo and I started getting interest.




At the end of 2013 was the real turning moment when I met Mr. Imtiaz Alam Beg who inspired me to try photography. Photography is such a vast area where we can explore many things in a single frame. Photography is more powerful than art.




You can remake art but you cannot retake a moment. Photography always helps me to overcome my frustration and loneliness. I like to work on project rather than single image. A bunch of photographs is more powerful to understand the scenario, thoughts etc.




I like to shoot animals and unnoticed moments; I try to keep the questions of why and how in my photographs, I also try to find different meaning in our society and personal feelings with my Canon 550D. Street photography always attracts me.




There is always uncertainty and suspense, which I like most, because I don’t know what will happen in next second.




It is not like other photography that anyone can do, because I do not have any preset photo in my mind that I will take, or how my photo will look.




For me Street photography is not making a pictorial photo and that is the challenge.




Most days I come home with Zero decent photos but Street photography helps me to learn how to be patient, how to be positive and keep smiling, not only in photography but also in my personal life.




To be a street photographer you need obsession, dedication and balls as Martin Parr said!




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11 thoughts on “When photography is more powerful than art by Enamul Kabir”

  1. Enamul .
    You certainly have an eye for unusual shots.
    You can say you are an amateur photographer but not an armature photographer. Good luck.

  2. Enamul, I really enjoyed your photos. Reminds me a bit of “Martin Parr”, but then again these are really Enamul’s.

    The bit where you said, you like shooting animals, I realise as a non native English speaker your name “Enamul” would sound like “Animal” 😉

    Hope to see more of your photos (got an instagram account?), happy shooting

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