Nostalgia by Damir Matijevic

Damir Matijević  is employed in „Koncar Group Company“ and work in the technical office as a designer, in a 3D modeling program. His educational background is in mechanical engineering. I graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, 1996, Zagreb,Croatia.

I started doing photography in high school when I was hanging out with my photographer friends, revealing all the secrets and magic of making photographs, both with camera and in the darkroom. Magic is a small word for experiences that grew into a passion for the photography.


Very soon I realized that photography is not just a picture, but much more the important thing is not what you see on the photo, but what the photo hints at you, what comes out of the photo to you, something that touches you or imbues you…. that the photo is only a fragment of reality, which can initiate nostalgia, longing, joy, anxiety, peace … something sooths or excite us.


In other words, everything I've learned about photography was through my own experience, through reading literature , through the exhibitions where spent many hours looking at photographs of old masters and searching in them something that could attract me.  2013. I became a member of the Croatian Association of Artists.


Photography is for me intimacy!
Art is the “form” of content and form is one's identity. Therefore, the content becomes a work of art when we bring in the content our own intimacy, our energy, our strength, our spirit.


Photography changes the way you see things. You notice light, shapes, textures, people, nature….Everything around you looks different when you start to see the world as a photographer.
And everyone sees things differently.


Photography focuses you on the now, you lose yourself in shooting and all your worries and daily stresses just melt a way.
Photography can make other People feel Emotion, help people to see Beauty, great challenge to finding something interesting in a ordinary places.
Thru Photography, you can capturing a slice of life.

My photography are my little meditations. I see the Beauty and new things in the Every Day!
So my photographs are the joy of ordinary things. I shot what I enjoyed, not needing external recognition or affirmation from others…I shoot photographs for myself.

I want to convey the emotions that move me through my photographs. I love the black and white prints, which you can touch and smellso to say.
Photography is an integral part of my daily life and I do it solely for myself, for my own pleasure, without suggestions and thinking whether to appeal to someone or not.


Later, when I exhibit my photographs in galleries, the public certainly responds to them. There are always those who like and those who remain skeptical. But this is normal, the photography is only a fragment, its weight depends on what it shows as much about whoever is watching.


When I am shooting on the street, I don't have project in mind. I want to be as free as possible, and project will come later. I just open my mind, my heart. Just go out and photography what I find interesting.


All my photographic projects arise spontaneously, the idea is also spontaneous when I least expect it, whether I walk in Nature, in the city or simply read a book or talk with people. I experience the world creatively, it is a stage where you can always be attracted or get encouraged by something. I like to give in to the moment and often a photograph finds me.


People are my eternal inspiration. When I photograph someone I try to be spontaneous, to take a photography when they are unaware . A moment of squeezing the trigger is the most important, I do it by intuition, my aim is to capture a feeling or an emotion in the photography, at that time a sort of bond is established between me and people I am photographing.


All my photographs are made with film based 6x6cm TLR (Rollei) and 35mm camera Nikon F601) and are available as classic silver gelatin hand prints!


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts and photographs with you and your readers.

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