Opportunities can be found anywhere by Marcin Baran

Marcin Baran is born in 1983 and he live in Poland. He is not a professional photographer. but he specialise mainly in urban / street / human element photography.


I started to shoot on everyday basis in August 2015 when I started my 365 Days Project. I've always liked taking photos and when I discovered Eric Kim, Marius Vieth and many others I knew that I had to try it for myself. My project ended up after 245 days but still I think it was a best decision I made – it helped me to discover my passion. 99% of my photos were shot in the same city – Gliwice.


It's my hometown and I believe that I don’t need London, New York or Tokyo to do urban/street photography, I am satisfied with whatever place I am in. I strongly believe that amazing photo opportunities can be found anywhere. I take my camera everywhere I go, even if it's a short walk to the shop or stroll with my kids.


I don't roam the streets all day long and shoot – mainly because I don't have time for it and secondly because it's better for me to have limited time to shoot – I am more focused and concentrated on looking for interesting subjects.


I love both monochrome and color. I am in the process of developing my own style, so my shots were inspired by various situations, people, places or even music that I listen to. I usually entitle my photos and almost every time I try to name a shot, name of a song comes to my mind. I cannot live without music and some of my photos remind me of certain songs. I tend to think that I don't find subjects for my shots, but they find me. Very often my photos have certain melancholy.


Conveying mood and atmosphere is crucial for me, same as light. I love light. Even when I don’t have my camera with me I tend to look for light – where it comes from, how does it look like, how does it affect people and buildings, how does it look in different times of day and night.


As I think about my first memories when I was a kid – walk in the warm, autumn sun or rays of late afternoon sun pouring into the room. I am more than happy of someone that sees my photo says that it made him fell something. I think that it can also be a result of my night photography.


When I was shooting on the everyday basis I usually had some free time during evenings and that is why so many photos of mine had been shot during late hours. It helped me to discover that mood and atmosphere is something  I am looking for while framing my photos. Same applies to weather – I love foggy and rainy days when I am able to emphasize human isolation.


I use only one point and shoot camera – Fujifilm X100T. Lately I also took some shots with my mobile phone – nothing fancy, not Iphone. I am more than sure that camera, lens, tons of photo equipment gathered in the closet can only distract from what is the most important – showing the world with your own eyes and camera is just a tool, it is still my eye, nobody else’s eye. However it hadn't been always that way – I used to have Canon 5D with few primes and two zooms.


It was a real drag to carry it anywhere, so usually all this equipment was hidden somewhere in my closet. When I discovered beauty and diversity of street and urban photography I sold everything and bought X100T. I am a huge fan of this camera and I believe in minimal appropach to photography. What's in my bag when I go on a photo walk? I don't have a bag, I carry my camera in my hand or in my pocket. I try to make it as simple as possible.


I always say that I am street and urban photographer, not a street photographer. Now I am trying to get closer to people. I look for moments, emotions, stories. I also try to write down my ideas on photography and publish it on my blog. It gives me another load of motivation and I really enjoy it. Of course not as much as taking photos! Photography is my passion and I can't imagine my life without it.


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11 thoughts on “Opportunities can be found anywhere by Marcin Baran”

  1. Beautifully moody and well crafted photos Marcin! I also I agree that great photos can be made anywhere. However one has to be more patient and persistent in cities with less people. Do you have a website or where do you publish your work?

    Best, Michael

    1. Thank you so much! I totally agree – the smallest place, the more patient you got to be. Yes, I do have : photography.marcinbaran.com

  2. Witam sąsiada. Pozdrowienia z Zabrza 🙂 Cieszę się, że w końcu trafiłem na “ulicznego” z okolicy…
    Fajna strona. Na razie rzuciłem tylko okiem, później poczytam sobie bloga.

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