Self expression knows no boundaries: Painting street photographers and making images



Eclectic and refusing to be stereotyped, Tim Kerr is a skater, he paints photographers on skateboards and he's a street photographer himself. Have a look at his work along with a small back and forth.



Tim, please tell us about yourself


My name is Tim Kerr and at 58, that's the short version. Since the long version is long, the best way to answer that question is to give you the link to my biography page.




Where are you located?

Austin Texas

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Do you consider yourself an artist, a photographer, or both? Please explain your philosophy


All of the above + (smile) . I have been doing some form of self expression ever since I can remember.




I am not real big on labels because once you name something, more times than not, it gets confined to rules and a uniform. Self expression shouldn't have any rules or boundaries,or confinements.




I think it all flows from within to out, and back within, for each of us.It's a matter of how much you decide to tap in to your own personal stream.


What inspired you to become all of the above??


Not sure how to answer this one. There is not really a defining moment that made me choose the route I am on. Like breathing, I do what I do to live.




I think by truly being open to whats going on around you, you can't help being influenced and inspired by something.


Speaking of influence, who was your biggest influence and what did you learn from them?


Ff we are talking photography …. I grew up through the 60s and all the visuals that came with that stuck. The way things were presented in adds, TV, Life Magazines, etc….. became part of a “visual vocabulary” of how I looked at things around me.





But is was not until I had Garry Winogrand as a teacher at the University Of Texas, that it dawned on me ….”Oh, I can take pictures of what I see all around me instead of only vacation/friends shots “. Straight out of college Igot consumed in the early stages of the DIY movement and never looked back. Being involved with that was/is a huge influence on me that you COULD make your own choices.




Your paintings have both images or drawings, AND words. Why do you feel words need to be there?


It adds more layers of participation to the viewer. I also like the way “writing” looks as part of the overall design.It's the idea of giving out information with the hopes that someone might look more into the person they are looking at or might stop and think about a thought or statement being said.




How does your art inform your street photography or vice-versa?


It is all intertwined. The more you open up your 5 senses to the idea that “art” is everywhere (same with sound as music) , you realize that it is not confined to a museum , gallery, books, records,etc… It is with you/around you at all times to tune in to and document . Photography,painting/drawing,music,writing , your choice or all of the above.


When and why did you start painting portraits of photographers?
I realized through what I had/have been a part of, that we all influence someone at some point. It's as simple as someone seeing a shirt you might have on, or a bag you are carrying, and they go out and find one for them selves.You just had an influence on someone else , simple as that.





With that in mind , if I am going to put my voice out there, I would like for it to be a positive one. I paint who I paint to celebrate that person and hopefully plant a seed into the viewer that may not know, to find out more on who they are looking at that I have painted.I am in to photography and think these people, among others, should be celebrated.


What about the boards, why paint on them? Do you find a relationship between both?
Being a skater and photographer, I could get all philosophical and say that for the most part photography and skating or not a “team” sport and that each individual participating will have a different outcome depending on their personal interpretation. The bigger truth is that I paint on everything BUT canvas.




Where can our interested readers get our hands on your artwork?
they can write me through the site above. I have a book that has been reprinted of my art through Monofonus Press




Again, for those interested, can you give me an idea of price and do you take commissions?
It really depends on size,etc…. The boards (3 in a set) have been going for around 800 to a thousand. When someone wants me to do a painting for them, my first question is who is someone that has inspired you.




Any closing comments?
Thanks for what you and Don are doing with your blog and magazine , and thanks for the unexpected shout out! (big smile)

About Tim

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