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Michael Penn is the coverboy and had an interview in the issue IV of Inspired Eye. I sent him  few questions about his Month-Day-Year Zine.


Michael, can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I’ve lived in Old City, Philadelphia for the last 20 years. After tending bar for almost 15 years I wanted to do something more creative with my life. I’ve always had an interest in photography but I didn’t have the time or the means. Seven years later I can say that my life revolves around it and I couldn’t be happier.




What is the Zine About?
It’s about photos taken within one day, that simple. I pick one day out of the month and shoot for six hours. I ended up taking about 250 photos and then edited them down to 25. I wanted to be able to produce zine that was affordable so I kept the number of images reasonable. I’m hoping to produce 6 issues a year.




Is this your first Zine?

Not really. I’ve been publishing a larger zine every month for the last 14 months. When I finished my Philadelphia Project last Summer I wanted a way to get all 1000 photos published and I figured a monthly zine with 25 full-bleed photos was the best way to do it. So far every month has sold out and it’s been added to the book collections at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.




What is your selection process?

I simply went through the photos and choose the most interesting. I then have my girlfriend do the same and over 90% of the time we pick the same photos.


How different is it, creating a project in a day vs regular photo making days?

I like to work fast and I wanted to show that you can get a lot of good images in one day. As the saying goes “A lot can happen in a day”. The object is to keep moving.




How did you sequence your images?

My girlfriend actually does it. She also designed my Philadelphia Project zines and my website. She’s learned a lot about photography over the last few years and can often pair photographs together better than I can.


Where can readers get their hands on your Photo Zine?

They can order it on my website, it's just $7 and $2.95 for shipping. Thanks guys for the Mag feature and this feature!

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3 thoughts on “Photo Zines: Month-Day-Year by Michael Penn”

  1. Ok here’s the deal……
    I will be giving prints. Image size 6″x9″.
    The way it works is for every issue of “Month-Day-Year” I will be giving away 2 prints. A random number generator will be used to pick the numbers. There are 100 copies of each issue and currently there are 2 issues. The winners for issue “10-12-13” will be announced on February 28th. Winners for “12-17-13” will be announced on March 14th.

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