Abandoned locations by Andreas Kamoutsis

Andreas Kamoutsis was born and raised in Athens, Greece 1979, which now also serves as his professional photographic base, although he travel extensively, on various photo assignments, throughout the country and abroad. He love traveling and exploring the world through photography.



What inspired you to become a photographer?

The admiration and appreciation I have for the art of Photography existed from very early age but my involvement with it began just a few years ago, when I started to define myself through Art.



Since then, a two-way process began, both at amateur and professional level which very quickly developed through my love and devotion to the still image.



What’s inspires your photography?

I have been involved with many different Projects but with particular emphasis on the human element and what surrounds it.In a constantly evolving society, fast speeds often outweigh the human nature and issues such as loneliness, abandonment and small but seemingly insignificant moments of everyday life are the elements in which I prefer to penetrate and capture through my lens.



What does it mean to you?

This unique art exists as an artistic expression of myself, a great field of continuous self – discovery, a path for personal creative fulfillment through the ever-changing vision of this world…



How did the project start?

The beauty of exploration and the opportunity to depict the dreamy and mystical character of the “Abandoned Places” created the idea of photographing these locations through three different themes – project a) Figures of the Past, b) Forgotten Inputs and c) Seductive Objects



So, I started visiting various areas in Greece (Athens, Peloponnese and Central Greece).



How did you approach the subject matter?

The contradiction between the long gone value of those “abandoned locations” and their present existence, image and character may alter the passage through them to a whole new experience of the senses. An experience totally unknown in our everyday lives, which we can observe only if we find ourselves there and start to observe them.



What cameras did you shoot with and why?

Until recently my standard photographic equipment was full frame Sony cameras with similar quality lenses which have been used for this project, but now I use a totally different system, having passed to the “philosophy” of mirrorless cameras and especially to Fujifilm, for various reasons.



Any anecdotes you can share?

Before I visited an abandoned place i was usually trying to learn its history and many times I discussed with my friends and the models about it a little more than it should. We even made stories with fairies and dragons that we still remember when we look back in time…



What are you looking for in street photography?

For me, Street photography is a creative process that is difficult to be determined, but it manages to transform the insignificant to fine. This, can surprise you in every moment, just when the thin visionary line joins issue with the viewer, and reveals infinite and unseen aspects of reality…



These are the things I'm searching for when I’m out in the streets, trying to capture special moments in time.



Any closing comments?

I'd like to thank you for the hospitality and presentation of my personal project “Abandoned Places”

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