Beautiful ethereal images around the farm



The best photographs are made close to us. In that spirit, here's Tchad with some nice images of his surroundings with a few comments.


My name is Tchad Blake originally from Texas. I’ve worked in music for 35 years with photography being a hobby for even more years. Never really took it seriously until now though.


The Blakes live on a fairly secluded farm in Wales. My wife Jacqs is an equine podiatrist and Think Like A Pony Instructor so I’m around horses a fair bit, sheep and cattle too.

There was a link in the photography newsletter recently about being in one place a lot and trying to see new things to photograph each time you look. That really resonates with me as I work from home and don’t get out much beyond the property.



My aim is to look for a not so recognisable angle or mood, searching for the abstract. I often like things seeming incomplete because there starts a fantasy.


Playing with NIK software, a bit too much I think but I’m loving the possibilities. Looking at some of these now I think there’s too much ‘analog’ processing.


I mean, I do like it although I also like what happens in digital with no analog artefacts. Digital B&W without film grain is pretty cool. Not better or worse than film; just different and I like different.


It's very exciting with all these tools available to mix and match giving me a bump start to experiment.






I hope you enjoyed my images from around the farm!






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11 thoughts on “Beautiful ethereal images around the farm”

  1. There’s lots of good things going on in these images. The first image of the horse looking at you is arresting. You know we ride horses, they are always submitted to humans but in this case he’s looking at you, challenging you.

    The second image of the horses’s back is very well done and has a poetic sensibility.

    That first dog image reminds me of the romantic novels, like Frankstein. Seems like a still frame for an old “Hounds of Baskerville” movie.

    The glowing eyes of the sheep remind me of something deeper. It’s like the sheep are being brainwashed and ready to execute every command. Isn’t this a caricature of society where we are like this in front of the TV?

    In other words great work 🙂

  2. sweet photos man.
    how did you shoot/process the yawning dog one?
    looks kind of like 4×5.
    I love the butting head sheep on the hillside…. but all of them are very good. Nice neighborhood you got there.

    1. I asked him to check the comments. He said he uses Nik Sliver Efex. He’ll confirm but eyeballing it looks like some sepia applied with clipped whites to something more grey toned and some vignetting applied.

    2. The yawning dog is Chile. She was standing on the mound looking very posh and by the time I got the camera up an focused she yawned. I didn’t see it until I downloaded the picture. I thought she looked like a werewolf getting ready to morph into a human. Taken with a Nikon D70, 18-70mm 3.5, processed with NIK Silver FX Pro.

  3. The compositions are wonderful and the post processing added to the atmosphere and mood. I love the second image of the dog. For me it capture the dogs grace and freedom. All beautiful shots.

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