Catch these decisive moments by Chris Moret

Chris Moret is 52-year Rotterdam based amateur photographer.



However, saying photography is ‘just a hobby’ would be a big understatement. Taking pictures is a thing I must do. There is that ever present need to freeze the remarkable, beautiful, or odd moments that cross my everyday path.



I got a degree in photography but never turned that into a professional career. Once a frustration that drove me away from photography for 16 years.



Now a solid foundation of valuable knowledge to help me pursuing the images I want to make.



I always was interested in image making. As a little kid, I was drawing constantly. When I got a job I bought my first camera, photography was just another step. By chance the works of Ed van de Elsken came to my attention.



I dug in and got to learn about Van der Elsken’s work and the works of other classic names like Cartier-Bresson, Koudelka, Salgado, Winogrand and such.



At first I wanted to get close to the people and catch these decisive moments where everybody was talking about.



There always would be people I my photo’s. But as time went by my view changed and slowly a different approach emerged.



Now contemporary photographers like Charalampos Kydonakis (AKA Dirty Harry), Shin Noguchi, Stavros Stamatiou, Christophe Agou are my favorites and sources of inspiration.



I find it the biggest thrill to turn an everyday scene into something different. Maybe lift it to another, sometimes a little surreal, level.



And that is what I want to show the viewers. If you look carefully around you, no matter where you are at that moment, there will always be something to see and to photograph. Although I love to travel and have made some extended trips through India, Morocco, and lots of European cities.



Nowadays I find my inspiration right here at home and in the little village I live, in the middle of the port-area of Rotterdam.



I feel less and less the desire to travel far for the sake of a good picture. Because I learned that beautiful things also happen right there at your doorstep or in your own house.



Everybody gets inspired by the site of the Taj Mahal, but finding a gem in your own street, living room or backyard is much harder to do, I think. On my website, there is this ongoing project, Base. A series of images catching our everyday life.




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