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Well if you are reading this, you are probably stuck at home. I will say this, as the world hurdles to unknown territory, we must not fall prey to the negative energy. So we have to make a choice.

It's either focusing on the world going in distress, or focusing on being creative. As photographers, we must feed ourselves positive energy even in times like this and not let our souls be beaten to the ground.

I am a street photographer stuck in the house. Tanya, my wife will kick my butt if I even have the trace of the idea of going out. I am stuck at home and I'm bored to tears. I've seen all the movies already, probably as many as there are stars. So I thought to myself: What if I turn lemons into lemonade and make the best out of it? What if I made a project limiting myself to around the house? But even better… what if we all made a project out of this as a community? Hence Olivier and I have decided to make the coronavirus project to help street photographers stay sharp.

How to participate

Look, chances are, you are stuck at home too. So take your camera out and make images around the house and post them below with a few words about your experience. While we will accept images from outside to show how the virus has affected you, we really want to challenge you to make images limiting yourself to your house and the yard.

In a nutshell:

  • Make the best images around your house
  • Stay inside (but some outside images showing effects of virus are ok)
  • Post your images below in the comments at 600px wide
  • Write a paragraph about the image/your experience
  • A select few images and words will appear in an upcoming issue of Inspired Eye Street Photography Magazine

Ready? Go!

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5 thoughts on “Submit your shots for the Coronavirus Street Photography Project”

  1. I’ll start!
    Where I am right now in Thailand is double trouble. Not only there is the virus to worry about, and a lot is shut down, we also have to worry about one of the worse pollution in the world. The kids have been pretty much locked inside for a while, and the edginess sometimes come out. But a few days ago I saw a moment of peace and calm that I captured here.

  2. This image was captured in front of the iconic Dam Palace here in Amsterdam where the Dutch king and queen have official residence. The image features a busker dressed as death. The square (indeed the whole city) is deserted except for these figures – a stark commentary on the anxieties of the people here.

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