“Communication Breakdown” Juxtaposition Street Photography



Enrico Markus Essl has an eye for finding juxtapositions when doing Street Photography. Here some of his clever images with a statement.


Series “Communication Breakdown“
I’m keen on continuing looking for objects which encourage people to think of their own stories.
The pictures from this series is that objects seem to be in a process of communication. Another thing is that these objects tell stories and the spectator interprets his or her own stories based on the objects. Motives like shown in the pictures can constantly be found in the streets. Therefore this series is a never-ending story.
I’m keen on continuing looking for objects which encourage people to think of their own stories.


When wandering through the streets I constantly discover objects that seem to communicate with each other.
These pictures speak for themselves which means that there’s no need of integrating people to outline a situation.
Sometimes fragments of persons are visible to emphasize the expression of a situation.


The pics were done in Linz, Vienna, Salzburg, St.Petersburg, Berlin, Kopenhagen and Stockholm.


















About Markus Enrico Markus Essl (Linz/ Austria)

markusBorn in 1970 in Linz (Upper Austria), grown up in Salzburg, now back
My interest was aroused again. A few years ago I found the way to Street Photography and it has captured me till today.

On my journeys I always take my X1 with me, for it’s a small and inconspicuous equipment. I often try to combine graphic elements, shadows and hard light. I prefer bright sunlight to get distinctive contrasts. Mostly I use polarizing filters to intensify color brilliance.  When I’m out in the streets shooting pictures I always take my X1, cigarettes and money for coffee with me

My Website: www.fotofactum.at

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