Where I spend all my time on rainy day? – Chi Khing

Chi Khing is photography enthusiast from Singapore who spends too much time taking photos.



I take part in various photography competitions and am lucky to have 2 honourable mentions in the recent mobile photo
awards and a Bronze medal in the PX3 competition.




I work in the IT industry in my day job, a husband to my number one supporter, fan, curator and wife.




I started the rainy day project by accident.




I was actually hiding from the rain during one of my photo shoots and saw some interesting scenes and I started taking photos.




Nowadays, I look forward to rainy days for photography.




The basic rules of composition still applies, and it all boils down to how we adjust our eye to make use of the elements to make our photo pop.




Experimentation with low angles, finding interesting reflections, or just a straight shot with lots of splashes helps.




I'm really glad I started this project,iot changed my perception that rainy days are just meant for indoor photography and that every moment can be a photo moment.




I hope it can help change your perception too!




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