Romantic traveler by Alessio Trerotoli

Alessio Trerotoli was born in 1981 in Rome, it's the city where he grow up and where still living. He like to think to be a “romantic traveler” and an “errant photographer”. My graduation was in 2009 in Disciplines of Arts and Cinema, with a specialization in History and Theory of Cinema.


What inspired you to become a photographer?

I always had a passion for photography. There is a moment I can’t forget: when I was 10 years old I was showing to my grandmother photos of a little excursion I made with school in a place not far from Rome. My album was full of pictures of my schoolmates and my grandma told me: “But where are you?”. In that moment I realized that there wasn’t a picture of me in the entire album because I always was behind the camera. It was the first time I saw myself like a photographer.




Later, After my graduation I began to travel by myself. In Europe, then in United States and in South America. In that moment I didn’t know to be a photographer, actually I didn’t know who I was. But my camera was with me, and walking through the streets and the alleys of Paris I suddenly found an huge inspiration, an inspiration that followed me in every city I visited since that moment. I didn’t choose to photograph, it just happened something in me that told me to do it.




Whats inspires your photography?

I absolutely love the street, the stories that every corner and every building can tell. I need to search the soul of a place, I mean, what that a place can tell me. Through my photographs I try to catch the real soul of a street or a building, with something that belongs to its history and in the same time to its daily life. I try to feed my inspiration walking for a while every day and taking pictures of daily life in the city.




What does it mean to you?

What I love about Street Photography is that, unlike studio, architecture or landscape photography, if in that moment you hadn’t been there, that picture would never have existed.  If you had chosen another street or if you had stopped to look at your smart phone, such picture would never have existed.  The fact to be there, to have taken this picture, somehow makes you feel a little like a special human being.




How did the project start?

My most important project, “Urban Melodies”, is a project about abstract representations of urban landscapes. It’s about New York City, Paris, Berlin, a little bit Rome as well, but I was looking for something different. The opposite of abstract photography, a street photography project about my city.




Last year, coming back from a movie where the protagonist walks through the United States (“Wild”, by Jean-Marc Vallée), I think to walk along the first two lines of roman underground. In that moment my “Roma Coast to Coast” started in my mind. Last year I walked along the first line, and this year, in april, I walked for other 21km, along the second line. It’s been a great way to discover something new about my city and about the people that lives there.




How did you approach the subject matter?


I’ve studied the way to walk, in order to touch every station of the underground. Then I bought a good pair of shoes and I started to walk, keeping my eyes always wide.




What cameras did you shoot with and why?


For this project I used a Canon with a 50mm lens, that in my opinion is the best for street photography.


What are you looking for in street photography?


As I said before, I love the streets, I love to pur into photography the voice of a place, a street, a city.




Any closing comments?

In my life I always try to look for something beauty around me and I think that I try to put something beauty in my pictures: in my pictures you can find something beauty in a traffic jam or in a building in ruin, so maybe it’s possible to find beauty everywhere.




Once I read a quote that is perfect: “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not”.

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