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Debosmita Deb is pursuing a Computer Science Masters program in USA. But photography, her passion, has always been the primary focus. Currently, She is working on a number of personal projects focusing on various social issues.




What inspired you to become a photographer?

Creative work has always enticed me. As a result, when I got exposed to it in the last year of undergraduate course by my friends, I felt a strong connection with the medium. Later, association with my photography club Click Start From Kalighat has helped me to increase this bonding even more.




What inspires your photography?

My photographs mainly revolve around various social issues which often goes unnoticed. People and their emotion is always the protagonist in my photographs.




What does it mean to you?

To me photography is the medium of expression for me. I always try to convey some social messages through my project works, which otherwise I might not have expressed before the society.




How did the project start?

By 2012, I was photographing various charitable social events of some non-government organizations. During this time, I came across a NGO named Sishur Sevay which takes care of orphan and specially-able girls.




There was this girl Ganga. Ganga is a physically and mentally challenged orphan girl who got rescued from a train compartment. In spite of her limitations, her constant try to live a better life is quite visible. Her indomitable self-confidence is what attracted me to document her daily life.




How did you approach the subject matter?

Ganga is not like another next door girl. She might have limitations, but she is very soft-hearted and very sensible to the changes in her surrounding environment. Hence, I took a considerable amount of time to make myself known to her.




Once she became comfortable to my presence, I started documenting her life.




What cameras did you shoot with and why?

I used Nikon D3100 and the 12-24 mm and 18-105 mm Nikkor lenses for photographing this project.




What are you looking for in street photography?

Street photography to me is all about capturing the right light, right moment and must convey a story.





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