Vittorio Aulenti, Photography … The Vehicle of My Feelings


Presenting Vittorio's and his work, also see his shots with a cheap camera phone.

Please tell us a little about you and what you do with photography.
I'm Vittorio and I'm 25 years old. I was born in Matera, a little town in Southern Italy. I am now based in Pisa, due to university, and photography is my great passion. It has become my communication language and my writing pen, the vehicle of my feelings. I Hope it will transform in a job, someday.


What inspired you to want to be a photographer?
One day, my father took out of the box an Olympus OM2 and some black and white photos of my mother when she was young, printed by him in a closet. I was speechless. They were the best photos i've ever seen, full of emotions and love. A few days later I loaded the Olympus and I was out taking photos.


What genre’ are you most interested in?
I definitely love street photography and portraits. I can spend all my life walking down the street shooting pictures.


Could you provide some ideas as to where you seek and find inspiration to keep working?
Usually I take a picture, I adjust it a bit with some program, but the next day, usually in the morning, I'm already unhappy with my results, because I'm always looking for something better, something very real and strong, something causing powerful sensations in the viewers. My goal is to find an incisive, sharp, and even raw, black and white.


Do you prefer B&W vs Color or do you work in both and please explain why you work in what you do?

I certainly prefer black and white, no doubt. It fit perfectly with my ideas of perfect image. But sometimes i use colors, when there's some detail of image that deserves to be left as it is.


What cameras and lenses are you currently using?
I use a Fujifilm x100 mainly for street shots and a great analog Olympus Om4 with Zuiko 50mm 1.4 and 135mm 2.8 for portraits.


What processing software do you use?
I usually apply some adjustments to my photos with Adobe Lightroom, completed with two plugins : Silver Efex for Black and white images and Alien Skin for colors.


When it’s all said and done, how satisfied are you with your images and your journey as a photographer?
My satisfaction takes time to cover the last picture taken. I've soon the desire to come up with something better, to tell something more. I hope to be able to well describe street and human feelings all around the world.


Images & Comments

That is the genre of portrait I prefer. Incisive, powerful, raw. The smile of an old woman, the force of her wrinkles, the story of her eyes.


An old man waiting for someone in a bar. I've always imagined that he was waiting for the love of his life, while his face was reflecting on the table, and chair
was empty.


An example of wrong faith's principles application. This scene is right out of a church. Charity test, failed!



I always preferred colors for this image. I love the red of mum's dress, it's so delicate. Shadows on asphalt tell their story.



This old woman praying under the light of a window. On the table, all her sacred figures.



Finally, maybe my luckiest shot. I've named it ‘Running to stand still' . It gives to me a sense of freedom and joy.


More of Vittorio's work here:


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  1. “The vehicle of my feelings” a great phrase, sums up the perspective of many of I think. Fantastic images and “Running to stand still” is a classic, thank you for sharing.

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