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Hey, my pinky tells me you like Street Photography…
But if you are anything like me, you just don't have enough time to dedicate to it.
It's not that you don't WANT to, it's just you can't: Job, family, career… there's just not enough time in the day to go out and shoot!

But what if Street Photography could come to YOU instead? If you have 5 minutes to spare a day, you can upgrade your Street Photography without setting foot out of the door. How? By reading Inspired Eye. This one-of-a-kind magazine and insightful video combo is all you need to keep the flame of creativity alive when life gets in the way 

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When you are too busy for your Street Photography…

Hi, my name is Olivier Duong, I am the co-creator of Inspired Eye magazine. I am a Haitian-French-Vietnamese graphic designer and street photographer (it's a mouthful, I know!).

I got a question for you: are you really giving your street photography your best shot? All that you have?

If you are honest with yourself, the answer is probably no. Hey, I ain't judging, I'm often way too busy myself to dedicate to Street Photography…

Life's just so hectic, right?

You have your career, your job, your family, and at the end of the day, there's just very little time to dedicate to shooting street photography…

But there is a huge problem, if you do not dedicate enough time to your images, it will wither away. Sad but true. You forget what you don't use.

Let me illustrate: I remember one time I was at a store, I put on some skates to try out. I lifeted myself off the chair and in two seconds I found myself laying down on the floor like an idiot in front of everyone. 

The weird part? I used to skate like a master not too long ago. The saying “If you don't use it…you lose it” is very true. Try to recall the spanish or french class you had and see what I mean.

But there is good new. Earlier this year, I practically spend 5 months without shooting one single image. I had to run to the doctor every 2-3 days to take care of one of my kids who was sick. When I finally could have some free time to shoot again, it's almost as if I shot straight for 5 months.

How? By reading Inspired Eye. Inspiration keeps your street photography alive when you just don't have the time to shoot. The energy of the interviews get passed onto you, the tips, the images, the process, everything gets locked onto you while you read and when you are finally ready to shoot, it's game on.

Your photography is like a plant. All you need to do is spend 10 minutes everyday watering it, feeding it inspiration and you will passively upgrade your street photography. How will Inspired Eye upgrade your images? Let's see…

Pages from the current issue

First, we find Street photographers from around the world so you don't have to 

We work hard to find the most interesting street photographers around the world

We bring the world of street photography to you. We do the hard work and find the hidden talent that no one sees and snatch them for an interview. Some street photographers you have probably head of, most you have never heard of…but you probably will in the future.

One particular photographer has recently exploded unto the international scene, well they were in Inspired Eye a whole year before. Every month we bring around a huge selection of Street Photographers and create a grab-bag for you to be inspired from. Some are mothers of 3, some are in galleries, all are passionate.

It's a creative catalog of Street Photographers at your fingertips!


Second, we ask them the question that reveals their process

Our exclusive interview questions sliently forces them to “spill the beans”

insights come from looking at things from multiple perspectives

The real magic of Inspired Eye is in the question. We've tweaked them over the years, but for the large part, we ask the same questions to everyone. From the particularly talented newbie, to the veteran shooter of 40 years. 

Why? Because we want the only variable to be the photographers themselves. Same question, different answers, incredible insights.
hy do we do this? because insights come from looking at things from multiple perspectives. Maybe the guy who picked up his camera a year ago has a better way of putting this than the 40 year veteran.

Maybe the 30 year veteran had the experience of doing something and reveals how to do it quicker. Maybe the color photographer will say something that will make you consider shooting color. You get the point, it's all about seeing thing from different angles.  Does this work? Here's what Michael said:


(We also keep the interviews RAW)

When starting Inspired Eye, I had a big fight (we are all human aren't we?) with the other editor in chied, Don Springer, see I wanted to correct the english of some interviewees, because for many english wasn't their first language and they kind of butchered it. The grammar wasn't correct, some phrases you had to read 2-3 times to understand. I wanted everything to beproper english and he wanted to keep it as-is, warts and all. At the end of the day, He won.

How? A long time before the argument I told him of a Japanese concept, Wabi-Sabi and he told me that if I really believed in the concept, I had to apply it to the magazine. So I had to accept his way, because Wabi-Sabi is a powerful concept.

Why? Wabi-Sabi is all about finding beauty in imperfection, the little cracks in pots, the little lines on faces. It's all about enjoying the imperfect. Applying Wabi-Sabi to the mag meant rolling with the language mistakes. When we did, something surprising happened. Personalities lept trough the pages.

If we edited the interviews the personal tone of voice of the interviewees woud have been lost. So less-than-perfect english can be found in Inspired Eye. I didn't like it at first (recovering perfectionist here) but ended up embracing it because it's what make everyone featured special. English is not their primary language, photography is. Believe me, it's really spooky sometimes when you read some interviews, it's almost as if you can hear the interviewee speaking in an accent in your head. Something so colorful would have been squashed if it was edited. 

Long story short: We keep what we receive mostly intact, english is not the primary language for most of our featurees, photography is.

Lastly, we reveal even more tips and insights in a 60 minute video, every month

The world's ONLY photography magazine that comes with a monthly “Behind the scenes video” that reveals tips, insights, philosophy into street photography…

After issue 32, I was wondering if our readers were actually getting all that they could from each issue of the Magazine. I just wanted everyone to get the most from their subscription and upgrade their images. 

So, just like that I invented the world's first magazine with a Behind the scenes video. You can either download them or stream them online on a Private youtube.

Give and take about 2 weeks after an issue of Inspired Eye is released, I will also send you a 60 minute video (sometimes a bit longer sometimes a bit less) where I go trough the issue of Inspired Eye with the other co-creator of Inspired Eye, Don Springer. He's been a street photographer for longer that I have been alive and is walking and breathing Street Photography encyclopedia!

During that time we leaf trough the pages and talk at lenght about certain images. Here's what you can count on:

✅ 60 minutes (-ish) of actionable street photography tips

✅ Insightful composition tricks 

✅ Mindset issues and how to get around them

✅ Finding your own style

✅ What makes the images work (it's not always what you think!

Here's what Michael Fiore said about the “Behind the scenes”:

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Every issue of Inspired Eye is delivered in PDF format. You will receive an email upon release, just click and download. You can also zip to your account and download your issues there. You can put your copy of Inspired Eye pretty much on any device that has a PDF reader, meaning most modern devices should allow you to display the magazine. A smaller version of the magazine is also provided if your device doesn't have too much memory. Not judging here, I hang on to my Blackberry myself 🙂 All the videos are in Mp4 format, most modern devices can open these out of the box.

 Testimonials (yeah we are kinda popular):

30 day no questions asked guarantee

A.k.a the “It's never been used guarantee (expect this one time by this lady who believed settings were better than vision) ”  

We've been around since 2012, always offered a guarantee and we have NEVER had someone ask us for a refund because they didn't like it. So I had a “It's never been used guarantee”. But a few years ago there was 1 person that has ever asked for one. I couldn't help to facepalm as I gave her the refund. First she would totally ruin my “It's never been used guarantee” and while I am always glad to give refunds, the reason she gave was so petty I couldn't believe it.

She wanted it because “there are no camera settings for the pictures” Yep, because camera setings are more important for your images than the photographer's eye, right? Anyway, I made lemons into lemonade and I now have this even more interesting guarantee, I mean, she did get you to read this, right? 


If you are not happy with your subscription for any reason and would like a refund, no problemo!  Simply send us an email in the contact tab within 30 days and we will refund your subscription, that's it. No hassle and no questions asked. 

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We personally never have access to your personal bank information, it his handled by Paypal which is trusted by millions. You can also pay by Credit Card or Debit Card, they are also supported by Paypal.

If you decide to stop your subscription, it's easy. In your account, select your subscription, and click cancel. Easy Peasy.  You will still receive the rest of your magazine issues until the expiration  date expires.

You also get these 4 bonuses:

Included when you purchase a subscription, 4 bonuses. Take a look at what your purchase includes:

BONUS 1  ($5 Value)

Special Photojournalism Issue

Gain amazing insights into photojournalism with 3 hard hitting interviews with photojournalists at different stages of their career.
One was a photojournalist and is now reborn as a fine artist, one was a photojournalist turned writer, one is a still-in-the-trenches photojournalist.

This issue is not sold separately. (PDF Format)

✅This single word (starts with “S”) that almost destroyed this 
photojournalist's career (You will want to keep it in mind, always) (pg 115)
✅ This photojournalists's personal recipe for great images (pg 135)
✅ What NEVER to do in a combat situation (pg 119)

✅ The totally unsexy photography tip to amazing images of people (pg 135)
✅ For more interesting images, use this trick (pg 141)
✅ Game-changing photography insight from an ex-NBC editor (pg 101)

BONUS 2  ($47 Value)

Make breathtaking images in 30 mins flat

In 30 mins, I reveal the most powerful composition trick that allows you to make breathtaking images easely. It's NOT the rule of third (yeessh). Here's what Jose Manuel said about this: “I even studied at the most reputed professional photography school in Spain (EFTI), with a cost of $6000 and six months in length, and concepts like the one word composition did not appear.”

(Mp4 Format)

✅ Easely make compelling images with a science based trick (Gunnar & Hjortzberg at the Psychological Laboratory of the University of Stockholm, Sweeden in 1967)

✅ Immediately applicable. Watch it over coffee and make incredible photos right after

✅ Make your images impossible to ignore. The brain is virtually forced to look

BONUS 3 ($5 Value)

One Word Manual

This concise ebook takes the One Word concept and expands it in order to take your composition to new heights. It explains the finest points of the concept and makes it even more obvious with red outlines on the images.

(PDF Format)

✅ 3 even more powerful yet simple techniques to make compelling images

✅ The other trick that makes complex images look simple

✅ Composition buildup: Gain a “feel” for images

BONUS 4  ($20 Value)

Kubrick & One Word

Stanley Kubrik is probably one of the most well known movie directors and lover of the One Word composition. In this quick video I explore what makes 6 of his scenes work.

(MP4 Format)

✅ Kubrick's absolute favorite composition trick (Pretty much all of his movies)

✅ How to make subtle yet incredibly powerful images (The Shining)

✅ You'll never see body language the same way again (Full Metal Jacket)

How much is all of this?

Let's make a count shall we? I'm going to tell you what you get and how much they actually cost. Let's see:

✅ Monthly issue of Inspired Eye: Worth $7 each

✅ Monthly Behind the scenes videos: I never sold these à la carte yet, but when I do, it will be $25 each…

✅ Special Photojournalism issue: Never sold individually, but same price as a regular issue, so $5

✅ One Word Composition video: Sold these for $47 (and remember someone paid $2000 to a fancy school and never even heard of this powerful concept)

✅ One Word Manual: Worth $5, only sold with the above

✅ Kubrick One Word: Can sell this easy for $20

What's the total? Lemme wip out ma' calculator: 7+25+5+47+5+20= $109

But here's the deal, I'm not going to ask you for 1/10th of that.

I'm only asking you for $9/month, Cancel anytime by pressing a button.

But why? I can hear you ask, why such a bargain price?
If something is too good to be true, it must be, right?

Well, I have very good reason for that: I priced this at a bargain because I want you be hooked to what we have! 

That's why the irresistible price, I think you will love it so much, a little voice inside your mind will say “This is wonderful. I wonder what else he has?” and you will not only want to be a subscriber forever, I'm also betting on the fact you will want to get our flagship Street Phototgraphy course.

But act now, because while it's bargain priced for now, I reserve the right to raise the price at anytime. I say this because when I sat down and calculated how much value I was providing in exchange for peanuts, let's just say I wanted to “wake up” because I was giving too much away. 

So act quick and get your price locked in:


What you get:

✅ Monthly issue of Inspired Eye (Worth $7 each )

✅ Monthly Behind the scenes video (Worth $25 each)

✅ One Word composition video ($47 value)

✅ One Word composition manual ($5 value)

✅ One word manual ($5 value)

✅ Kubrick One Word ($20 value)

Total Up Front Value $109 (Gold subscription)

Meet Don & Olivier

The two guys behind Inspired Eye

Olivier Duong is a Haitian, French, Vietnamese Graphic Designer turned Professional Photographer. His journey in photography started by buying a camera on impulse and continuing to waste his money on them until he stumbled upon a system that revolutionized his photography. His unique method earned him spots in Newspapers and well-known sites like Huffington Post. He has written and published close to 100 articles about photography.

Don Springer has 50 years of tremendous experience and knowledge in photography. He's had an education any photographer would die for. He was the protege of Ding McNulty, one of the most important photography curators in the world and spent his time studying original sought-after prints.

His work has been collected and is featured in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Collectively, Olivier and Don have mentored dozens of photographers from around the world
and curated the images of more than 400 others.

As seen in: