2 words: Street metaphors

I remember when I was first taught figures of speech.

Actually, scratch that I only remember one thing: Metaphors

Because if you ask me, it's the most powerful of them all…

It's when you use imagery to make your point…

He's not brave, he's a chicken

She's a pig, look at her mess!

I'll stop it there. You hated your grammar class too, right?

Anyway. Metaphors is the simplest way you can separate yourself from the me-too street

photography crowd that does everything everyone else does.

This kind of stuff flies over their heads, but makes your own images infinitely more

interesting. Your images need to be like the Transformers tagline, your images need to be

“More than meets the eye”.

Put metaphors in your images, make them about more than what it seen. This is probably the

single most important difference I see between the images that hangs in galleries vs images

on flakebook. One means something deep while the other one doesn't.

Why this talk about metaphors? If you want to see how this is easily done, get Inspired Eye issue 66

and watch the behind the scenes video. You'll be amazed how simple it is to use metaphors

and crank out amazing images.

Long story short: Use metaphors. Your images become immediately interesting and are a joy to look at.

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