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Niiiiice. You clicked on the Terms of use! That tells me one of four things:

1) You clicked here by mistake

2) You have wayyyy to much time on your hands

3) You're a very savy and smart cat

4) Someone held your favorite teddy bear in exchange for clicking here


More seriously tough….we hate fine prints as much as you do, but you will understand that for the sake of our families, we need to protect our shiny behinds. So, by using the website you implicitly agree to the terms below, subject to change without notice:


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Inspired Eye uses cookies that are small files placed on your device(s) that allow for website functionality like logins, analytics and automation.



Inspired Eye features other photographers, their views are their and only their and do not reflect those of Inspired Eye. The photographers' images are copyright their respectful owners. Images submitted can be deleted without notice and without warning, nor explanation.



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