About Inspired Eye


About Inspired Eye

Hi ya, Olivier Duong, PHD here. That's me up there. Those 3 letters mean Photographer, Haitian and Designer 🙂 More seriously tough, I am a Haitian-French-Vietnamese professional photographer, graphic designer and entrepreneur. I created this photography website with my friend Don Springer.


He's been a photographer since forever and is Vietnam vet. Yup he is much older than me! He lives in Philly and has worked the streets there for about 50 years. We met by providence on a forum and Inspired Eye was born there.


If the tone of this “about me” section doesn't give it away already, we don't have that Photo-guru, everything-is-perfect-for-us attitude so prevalent today. We are 2 real dude with real lives and all the joys and problems that come with it.


We created this site and magazine as a platform for photographers, to inspire and be inspired by the works of the community. It's gotten really popular and many consider it “The best photography magazine I've ever seen”. Cool beans, no?


Well that's about it about us, enjoy 🙂


Wait, still reading? Well ok. Let me tell you a true story. Ages ago, Don went to a Minor White workshop. In a moment of rest, while talking to minor and exchanging his experiences, Minor told him, when you are going to get older like me (he had grey hair), you are going to meet someone and do something great. I don't know what it is, but it has to do with photography. Crazy stuff huh?


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