Street Photography From The Inside Out

Forget me-too, trite and formulaic images. Inspired Eye offers everything you need to take your street photography to the next level. Because you deserve to make the images your heat yearns to make

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Welcome, here’s what we do


We put out the ultimate street photography magazine with monthly videos


We share a lot of street photography related articles with in depth blog posts and more freebies.

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We have helped hundreds of street photographers with our Phototactic street photography course


If you need a little push to edit your images, our presets for Lightroom are specifically designed for street photography

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Must read articles

If you are new to the Inspired Eye family, make sure to read the long-form articles below, they are our most shared, most read and most insightful articles available.

Street Photography

Start with the definitive guide that shows what it really takes to make stunning streetshots

Cameras & Lenses

You can’t shoot if you do not have the correct tool! Recommended gear and settings

World Locations

Where to shoot street photography? Get a world map for inspiration

Street Photographers

What can you learn from the great street photographers?

Coming soon

Marketing your images

How do you make money with street photography? How to market yourself?

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Hi, Olivier & Don here

We are the two guys behind Inspired Eye. Olivier is a professional photographer & graphic designer, & Don has been shooting fine art street photography for decades.

On this site we reveal everything we’ve learned about street photography along the way. What you will find is the kind of information that we wish we had when we started our journey.

We’ve been hoodwinked before so we hate street photography gurus, that is why we focus on being b.s. free, candid and actionable.

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Michael Fiore


” I’ve been following these guys for two years now and wish it was 20 years. Oliver’s and Don’s insight during the “behind the scenes” reviews of their on-line magazines are valuable for students and anyone looking to up their game photographically. These guys have pointers that were never mentioned by university professors of art; even those who claim to stress the photographic arts. “

Candace Sinclair


” Many photographers claim to know and understand street photography but few can teach the basics and special techniques like Olivier “

Sunsan Dunker


” Olivier is so knowledgeable about his craft and is able to effectively teach important concepts “

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