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Inspired Eye offers free and premium training whether you’re new to street photography, or looking to improve your skills. Start with  cheat sheet below and learn about the Street Photography Triad™ .

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Helping street photographers shoot their best for 10+ years and counting

Do you want to shoot street photography but don’t know how to start? Or are you a street photographer who wants to shoot their best? With 60+ years of combined street photography experience we’ve helped thousands of street photographers do exactly that, Let’s get started today.

Featured Guides

Street Photography can be intimidating. Not if you have the free guides below covering street photography in general and sub-genres like portraits and cinematic.

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Street Photography Guide

This massive guide gives you an overall walkthrough on how to shoot street photography from A to Z. It is a comprehensive guide for beginners and veterans alike.

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Portrait Street Photography

Shooting strangers can be a stressful thing. Not anymore with this portrait street photography guide that shows you the ins and out of shooting great portraits.

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Cinematic Street Photography

Want to make your street photography look like movie stills? Follow this simple guide that reveals how to shoot cinematic street photography the easy way, no extra gear needed.

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Flash Street Photography

Most people use their flash at night. Not street photographers. Follow this simple guide to shoot street photography with a unique look.

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Night Street Photography

Most street photography is done during the day, but great things also happen at night. This guide shows you step by step how to make the most out of the night.

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Black And white Street Photography

Most photography is done in monochrome and this helpful guide will show you how to get the best black and whites every time.

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Color Street Photography

Not all street needs to be shot in mionochrome, color street photography can be pretty amazing, follow this special guide for eveything you need to know.

Upgrade Your Images
With These Shortcuts

Want to upgrade your street photography the easy way? We have Training, Inspiration and tools for the discerning photographer.

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What do you get when you brain dump 60 years of street photography experience? The most in depth street photography course you can find that mixes street photography, psychology and design. If you want to make your best images, this is your best bet. 

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Busy? Then you need Inspired Eye Magazine. It delivers interviews from interesting street photographers around the world right in your inbox every month. Includes monthly video walktrough with street photography tips & more.

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Get the coveted street photography look in just one click with these expertly made presets.

Not for the ones who like clean images but hose who love grit, inclubes both black and white and color presets.


I’ve been following these guys for two years now and I wish it was 20 years. Oliver and Don’s insights are valuable for students and anyone looking to up their game photographically.

These guys have pointers that were never mentioned by university professor of art; even those who claim photographic arts

– Michael Fiore

About Inspired Eye

Inspired Eye is the brainchild of Olivier Duong and Don Springer. Olivier is a professional photographer, graphic designer and street photographer, and Don is a street photographer who has been under the wings of an important museum curator.

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