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Forget me-too, trite and formulaic images. Inspired Eye offers insightful training
and inspiration that upgrades your composition, makes your images impossible-to-ignore
and helps you find fulfillment in your own photographs.
(Made by two passionate, cool and B.S. free dudes.)

If you are like most of my readers, you are passionate about photography and you want to grow in your passion. You will be right at home here where you will find many resources to do just that.Hi, I'm Olivier Duong and I am the co-creator of Inspired Eye, both my partner and I created this site in order to develop your eye, your heart and your mind as a photographer. Let's dig in!


Here are a collection of bite sized and more in depth photography tips I have written about over the years.Tips in lists

Please note: This site is under heavy reconstruction. Pardon the “dust”

Streetwise is out!

A compilation of the best street photography articles, emails and other original content I've written for the last 10 years. Available here:

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