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After my Gear acquisition syndrome, I really started to get into photography. One camera that helped me most was the Ricoh GXR. It was a pretty darn unique camera with the “body” being just the buttons, the screen and the battery, you could simply slide in other modules as you see fit. It was awesome, it was ahead of it’s time and maybe that was the problem.

Ricoh GXR

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Buying one

The Ricoh GXR was an extremely niche camera, it didn’t get the recognition it deserved. So the good news is, you can get one for dirt cheap. They are still available on many online stores at a steal of a price. If you get the body and the M mount, you essentially get one of the best cameras for M mount lenses at bottom-of-the-barrel price. The modules are so cheap, don’t be surprised if you bring home a few different ones! Check on Amazon.