Photosync review: Simply the best way to transfer your images. Period.

Even if you are not a phone shooter, you probably have more than one image in your phone that you want to pull out. Here's a question for you, in our completely mobile and wireless world, why the heck does it have to be SO complicated to transfer our pictures from our phone to another phone or computer? Beats me, but luckily I've been using Photosync, an app that allows to do just that, and I'm in love.


What is it?

Photosync is an app that allows you to transfer pictures between your phone, tablet running iOS or Android between themselves or even your mac or windows pc. Once the app is setup, it's as simple as selecting and sending to a target device. The computer interface is even easier, simply drag and drop and that's it. It can sync over wifi network but the iOS versions have more syncing options.




The android version is more limited than the fancy schmancy iOS version, but it supports raw files and can open up a server right on the phone so that you can view images from a web browser from your phone. The iOS folks are spoiled and includes stuff like cloud sync options like dropbox, etc. and it even has flashair and transcend wifi card support!


How does it work?

Say I just made a shot of someone with their umbrella on my phone, in order to transfer my image to my computer, all I need is to have the app installed on my computer and my phone and be on the same network (for android, iOS has other options like bluetooth).




Then I select the image on my phone, click the red button, select send to computer and select the computer it finds:




Wait a minute and that's it! The image will be on the PC:





What's great is that the app knows what has been transferred and you can on one click transfer all the “new” images, those who has not been transferred. That is great because it frees you from hunting down the images you already uploaded. Say you dumped your whole camera roll, the next time you do, simply upload the “new” images:




Web interface

You can also open up a server from your phone from the app, in the settings it will give you a special address and if you simply fire up a web browser and go in that address you will have all your images there.


You can download the images from there and even upload to the phone. You can of course add a username and password for added security.




Extra features for iOS users

This is enough app to make most of us happy, but if that's not enough, iOS users can have uploads to dropbox, drive, Flickr, box, and even FTP. It also supports 2 wifi SD cards, transcend and flashair (the one I have). The usual eye-fi seems to be absent, probably because they locked their system.



Android: Free with in-app purchases (but completely free trough amazon underground)

iOS devices: $2.99 but you buy once and install on your other devices with same Apple ID

PC/Mac app: Free



+ Kills cables

+ Simple and easy

+ Low priced


– iOS favoritism, booo 🙂



If this review seems ever so short, it's because of two words: Works and Simple. I've tried many solutions before and having such straightforward way to transfer images simply makes life easier. These guys behind the photosync app just made the world better in my honest opinion. For some reason I think I'm seeing more and more mobile shooting in the future!


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3 thoughts on “Photosync review: Simply the best way to transfer your images. Period.”

  1. You failed to mention this:
    1. how many photos can I download at a time? I have about at least 400 photos in a folder to download to my Mac laptop.

    2. Will I be able to download at a highest resolution? What is the highest resolution I can download?

    3. Will it require me to download an app On my Mac and open a webpage to connect my iPhone to Mac or iPhone to iPad?

    Thank you.

    1. Ah man, it’s been a while….let’s see… You can download all of them probably, I use it with my Panasonic CM1 and it’s full to the brim when I transfer. Whatever resolution the original file is, RAW is supported. You will need an app on your mac, it will stay there and listen for when you send the files. Stuff like that can be done automatically under conditions, like when you plug in your phone to power.

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