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“Anyone who goes through this material will become a much better photographer” -William Dowell


Hey, does any of this below sound like you?

👉 You’ve just picked up street photography or have been doing it for a while, but you don’t feel excited by the images you get…

👉 If you do get good picture, you just can’t put your finger on what makes it work, so you can’t do it again…

👉 You are frustrated with your images. You know you’ve got something special inside of you but don’t know how to get it out…

👉 When you walk down the streets, no images “pop” in your mind’s eye…

If any of these situations sound familiar then this page is for you. If say that because not too long ago I stood in your very shes. In fact I was facing everyone of the situations above, until I made…

My Incredible, Yet Accidental Discovery

olivier duong street photographer 1

Hi, my name Olivier Duong a graphic designer, pro photographer and street photographer. Over the past few years I’ve evolved from having no clue what photography was to becoming a paid professional, selling prints, writing books and lecturing about the craft, with work featured on top sites like the Huffington Post, Dpreview, Petapixel and more.

To be honest, I don’t care much about this stuff, so I don’t share that to impress you, but to impress upon you a powerful photography discovery changed my life.

Let’s rewind a bit…

When I got my very first camera and started to shoot, I was fond of saying

I don’t care what anyone says about my pictures!“.

Sure… I sounded cool but the truth was, I just wanted to hide the fact that I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t want to admit it.

The proof however was in the pudding:

I couldn’t tell you if my images were good or not. Nobody cared about my pictures. I would shoot, post and get crickets.

I would print them out and show them to friends and family. They would always have this vaguely constipated look to their face while they smiled and said “How nice!”.

It was not long after that self doubt started creeping in, it was so strong that I had to admit something I really didn’t want to:

Maybe I just wasn’t as good as I believed I was.

Looking back, it’s pretty obvious what my issue was: I was incompetent, but just wasn’t aware of it.

I know way too many street photographers let themselves get stuck at this very spot. So I’m so grateful for that period of self doubt, it’s what allowed me to discover the secret I will share below.

Something needed to change!

I just wanted to take pictures that I was proud of…

Pictures that made others go “Wow” when they saw them.

I’ve never been a good student. I’ve been bullied as a kid. I was the last to be picked in sports even when the ball was mine (!)

…I’ve always felt worthless most of my life

but with street photography I really felt like I could do something worthwhile, something I could be proud of and others could appreciate.

It’s the one thing I felt I could be good at. So I really wanted to excel at it when I realized I just wasn’t as good as I believed I was.

On my quest to become an excellent street photographer…The first thing I did…was to buy another camera than the one I had. Then another one…and another one….

I would buy one, and since it didn’t magically make me better, I would sell it because I always believed the NEXT one would be the one to make me better.

Heh. I can be pretty stubborn. It took about 3 years and thousands of dollars down the drain for it to finally dawn on me that

…maybe the camera wasn’t the problem.

I needed to work on sharpening my photographer’s eye instead.

So after my gear addict period, I started to read everything I could on Google and Youtube. After a year of learning from blogs and videos, I felt disappointed. My images didn’t improve as much I believed they would. I felt like there was some things the bloggers and youtubers were not telling me.

All of their content were basic, formulaic and borderline “incestuous”!

It’s like they all checked each others blogs and copy-pasted everything and called it a day. And as I would learn later (take it from someone who’s articles have been copied) that’s exactly what they do.

“Rule of thirds”, “Get closer” and other street photography one-liners made for good Facebook shares, but if you are serious about your images, you don’t want some stupid post telling you what to do in a cookie cutter way.

All of these blogs and youtube channels only do one thing: Make your work as vanilla as possible. Because you can’t draw water from the same source as everybody else and then expect your water to be different than everybody else’s.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back for me was when I realized some so called street photography goo-roos even had the audacity to “illustrate” their blog articles with other people’s pictures.

If you are teaching it, why don’t you do it yourself, right? 

So after buying and selling didn’t work out. After the street photography goo-roos didn’t work out.

I hung up my camera and gave up!

As luck would have it, it would only be a few months after that a faithful day happened…

black white 2

About the best picture I could take back then

Way back in 2009 I was a struggling graphic design student in New York. I was struggling because there too I had no idea what I was doing. See a pattern there?

One day, I was in design class when the teacher gave an assignment to create a logo. I was staring at an empty canvas on my computer, I’ve been trying to learn graphic design for the last 6 months and it just wasn’t working.

In front of me sat arguably the most douchebaggy yet most talented designer of the class. I looked at his computer since I was sitting in his back.

He spent 5 minutes designing a logo.
And then lightning struck.

Right then and there I got “the secret” to composition. 

From then on, I established myself as a very good designer, even won 2 awards if my memory serves correctly. Teachers started respecting my work, but I didn’t think much of this “revelation”.

About a year later, I moved down to Florida to another design school. A designer friend confessed that he just had NO CLUE what to do.

I told him I would blow his mind because I knew exactly what he needed.

So after a 15 minute teaching session with me, his designs improved like magic.

Then it hit me….
If the secret I stumbled upon worked so well for
graphic design…Would this work for photography too?

I started to incorporate “the secret” I’d found into my photography, and to my surprise I started to get interest about my work that wildly exceeded my expectations:

– I got my first image published in a print publication

– I printed a picture for my aunt, and upon seeing it immediately had an interested buyer.

– While transporting that picture to my aunt…a few passerby at the bus station asked me how they could buy it!

– A friend of mine who was himself a photographer was so impressed with my new work he was dumbfounded.

Wow! How the HECK do you DO THAT?
How do you create such incredible pictures?
You’re not even a photographer!

Again, I didn’t think much of it.

I mean, it could just be that one person’s opinion.

But then I started getting messages like this about the pictures I posted:


(These are real emails I received) If someone tells you something, they might be right. But if people over and over tell you the exact same thing?

Clearly I was onto something powerful.

street photography course 7

After finding “the secret”

So. What’s the “secret”?

I will tell you. But it probably won’t “click” for you yet. There’s just so much street photography goo-roos are not telling you that you probably don’t have what you need for the “aha” moment to arrive for you. But here goes:

Composition= Visual Elements x Arrangement principles

Once you know the basic elements (like line, shape, space, color, texture and another one) along with the 8 arrangement principles, you can make some pretty incredible pictures while others are still dabbling with cookie-cutter images.

In all my years as a photographer I have never seen these principle taught anywhere besides in graphic design circles.

I wanted to share my discoveries right then but held off for two reasons.

First, I needed to spend time crafting a portfolio of images to demonstrate that the principles worked because…

I didn’t want to use other’s images like those sleazy photo teachers I encountered.

Secondly while I felt like I was making great images, I still felt like I was missing a certain “je-ne-sais quoi” from my images.

While I was refining my composition system for about 2 years, a providential moment came when I met a photographer with 50 years of experience on the now defunct Ricoh Forum.

Not only did this guy have work in museums…

his mentor was one of most important museum curators in the world.

Ding McNulty of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

I just HAD to pick this guy’s brain and extract everything I could…. . 

Combined with that design knowledge I had and his unique insights, I was able to shoot images that I still can’t believe I made to this day.

There’s nothing better for a photographer to fill fulfilled in his or her images. To look at them and be proud they made them. It’s a feeling I hope you get to share too.

So here’s what I did. Over the span of 3 years I compiled all I knew of design,
composition and processing. I combined it with his extensive photography wisdom
(the kind you will not find on any blog or Youtube).

I then used my knowledge of Language Learning (I know 6 languages) and
 Psychology to create a step-by-step system that not only teaches you everything you
need to make outstanding images, but also makes it as simple as possible to install all
them unto your subconscious mind.

And now it is finally available to you. Here’s how this unique program goes about…


Activating Your Photography Brain

If someone told me it’s possible to “install” street photography in the brain, I’d be skeptical too. So let’s get into the science of it all to show why this works. Let’s first start with two simple facts:

You Conscious
Mind Can Process

Bits of Data

Your Subonscious
Mind Can Process

Bits of Data

These figures are from Dr. Bruce Lipton, a biologist. Scientists and researchers vary the numbers a bit, but fact remains, the subconscious mind dwarfs the conscious mind.

Now that we know our brain’s power, here’s another thing to consider

…it takes a LOT of computing power to make an outstanding photograph… Much more than your conscious mind is capable of processing.

That is why, if your images are average, you are probably relying too much on your conscious mind.


Your subconscious mind can process this without a hitch. If you’ve ever looked at some images and wondered how it’s even possible to make images like that…you are correct in your assumptions…It IS impossible. Some images (the outstanding kind) can only be made by the subconscious mind.

Because there’s just too much going on for the conscious mind to process. You conscious mind cannot even process all the information your eye sends…it biased toward what’s going on in the center of your field of vision. Your subconscious mind however processes everything. That is why if some random car is coming at you from the far right, you are immediately alerted thanks to your subconscious.

So, even if you don’t think you are capable of making outstanding images, or if you don’t FEEL like you are creative…you are right.

Your conscious brain is totally incapable.
But your subconscious is totally capable, and then some.

So the question is, how DO you activate your subconscious brain for street photography instead of the conscious brain?

Getting Pass The Gatekeeper

If only you could get to the subconscious directly, street photography would be effortless. But between your conscious mind and unconscious mind there is a gatekeeper called the Reticular Activating System. It’s located at the base of your brain and it’s…

like a bouncer ready to keep unwanted information out.

Be glad tho. If you didn’t have that baby, you’d be overwhelmed. Imagine trying to go on your daily life and having hundreds of popups in your mind 24/7. So thank God you have your R.A.S. or else most of what you would be aware of is thinking about breathing, blinking or even walking.

The role of the R.A.S. is to tune out unimportant information and tune in important information. You’ve probably seen 100 people today, you’ve subconsciously processed them all. But your only consciously aware of important people like your wife and kids.

That is how your R.A.S. is the key to installing street photography in your mind…

all you need to do is to feed it “Image patterns” to recognize and it will automatically do it for you when you are in the streets.

Here’s a quick demonstration: Imagine you are at a baseball game, and I tell you to look for people with blue shirts….what do you automatically see? People with blue shirts!

That’s pretty much the same process to “install” street photography in your mind. Feed your brain the right image patterns to recognize and your R.A.S. will do the rest.

That is why the very first day you’ve got your new phone, car or shirt…you immediately see others with it! It’s your R.A.S. at work and it can transform you into a pretty stellar street photographer.

ras 1

269 Ways You’ve Just Proven
This Works!

Just in case you think I’m pulling a science mumbo-jumbo on you…You’ve just proven this method works. How? Because you have been reading these words. In fact in this paragraph alone, your subconscious has successfully recognized 269 patterns. 

The letters you just read are nothing more than little pictures you assign a sound to. There, you’ve done it again, successfully recognized 84 little pictures in less than a second. That, my friend is the power of your subconscious, you didn’t even THINK (conscious activity) about reading, did you? Nope, you just read. You just looked at the words and you READ.

This is exactly the same process to install street photography in your mind. Replace recognizing letters for “picture patterns” in the wild and you get the idea. But hey, remember how one day it was hard to read? Well the good news is, your mind has a bias for images, so while you had to struggle to let the letters and their sound sink into your skull, picture patterns are much easier to sink in.

In fact very often all you need is a single exposure to a picture pattern for it to stick to your mind! Now that we’ve checked out the science, let’s look at…

By far the biggest benefit of this course is learning how to SEE because many photographers can’t see the great images that are right in front of them. I kept watching the material over and over so that I will be able to use them subconsciously when I’m out shooting in the streets. I would highly recommend this course. Amazing job! ?– Gian Maagad

What Didn’t Make Me A Better Street Photographer

I’ve spent 2 years of my life perfecting a step-by-step system designed to transform anyone who is willing into a kickass street photographer. But before getting into the details, here’s a few things I’ve tried that didn’t work for the last 10 years:

Trying to figure it all out by myself

Going out to shoot is probably THE best way to develop your photographer’s eye…but only if you have an idea of what to look for in the first place.

Trying to shoot with no “image pattern” in mind is like trying to read a book in a foreign language and not knowing any vocabulary.

It’s frustrating and overwhelming. Putting more time into it doesn’t work as well as you think either for the same reason. Picture patterns are like INVISIBLE unless someone points them out to you.

I coach photographers from around the world. One guy has been shooting for longer than I’ve been alive, and yet I was pointing out elements that he couldn’t see in his own images! They were already there…he just couldn’t see them.

I only started to improve my images when, by day I would learn my picture patterns as a designer, and use them later when I had time strolling the city.

Plus, trying to figuring things out by yourself is VERY costly. If you are shooting and not able to recognize the picture in front of you…you’d miss the picture forever.


Why watching videos on Youtube never worked

After I was frustrated with street photography blogs and their overly basic tips, I watched all the videos I could on Youtube. I found the same problems with the blogs: Everyone is saying the same basic thing over and over again. Take “Get closer”, it makes for a nice catchphrase but…how close of far you are has no bearing on how good your image is. 

There are 40.85 million photographers in the United States alone (who knows in the whole world) and what do they all do? Yep, They watch Youtube. Is it any wonder why everyone’s images start looking the same? Youtube is good if you want to be part of the “me-too” crowd. I’ve learned quite quickly that your images are either DIFFERENT of INVISIBLE. So I stopped going on youtube. 


Why I never went to a street photography workshop

After abandoning Youtube, I was seriously considering a street photography workshop. I never did for two reasons.

The first reason was I learned that most of the guys offering workshops were rank amateurs with a good sense of self promotion. When I asked around, I heard the term “Charlatan” and “master of bullsh*t” so that really made me weary.

But still, I was willing to give those guys a try. But then I started reading the reviews about these workshops and never went. It’s not that the reviews were negative, but everyone kept bringing up the best part of the workshop was “hanging out with other photographers”.

Wait. A. Minute. It’s great to hang out with photographers and all, but I figured I could simply NOT go to an expensive workshop and hang out with photographers for free in my area! All I wanted was to take impressive pictures…NOT a paid photowalk!!!

You can see from my experience why I had to create my own image-making system. That is why I am excited to be…

I’m only a few videos in but what I have gone through is really top-notch.

Much better and more useful for street photographers than some far more expensive

workshops I’ve attended. They set average assignments with relatively minor

feedback and minimal input other than “be brave”, they are fine for mustering up

your courage, but not for taking your street photography to another level.

-Chris Wilson

Introducing Street Photography Secrets:
A Unique, Step-By-Step System That Unlocks Your Very Best Photographs

Frustrated not making progress, I abandoned the Street photography blog, youtube and workshop route and retreated.

I’ve spent 2 years creating a system to take pictures. From A to Z with no stone unturned.

It’s pretty simple, really: All you need to get the correct picture patterns in your mind and your subconscious does the rest. And if you can read (and my pinky says you totally CAN!) then it’s using that same process but for street photography.

Street Photography Secrets is a program that offers short, punchy, to-the-point videos ranging from 3 to 5 minutes. They SHOW you the picture pattern you need to know. That is called the “Exposure stage.”

That is very often all you need to “get” it (as the subconscious is biased towards images), however we recommend that as you go on your day you look for those patterns in your own life, preferably with a camera in hand. We call this the “Re-inforcement stage”. If the exposure stage was plucking a nail onto a piece of wood, the re-inforcement stage is like hammering the nail down.

Rince and repeat for at least 10 days to see the results. The next time you are in a situation where good images are, just like magic…

you will start seeing great images bubble up in your mind.

Imagine, you are in the streets…and where you had confusion and overwhelm you now have clarity and a bunch of images popping in your mind for you to shoot, again just like magic.

But it’s not magic. It’s science. Your brain is a pattern seeking and pattern finding machine. That’s how you got to know how to read, and that’s how street photography can likewise be downloaded into your brain.

But that’s not all…


street photography course
The Inspired Eye course is a mind training exercise that preps you to subconsciously use what you learn to use instinctively on
the field. I finally got some time to go out and shoot and I have noticed the concepts/rhythms are constantly present as I shoot. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.

– Jeff Tidwell

You’ll Know The Secrets Most Street Photographers Are Clueless About

Most of the Street Photography training you’ll find out there is by bloggers. It’s mostly second-hand, dubbed down content that generates facebook shares but leave you creatively bankrupt. They repeat what they read from other bloggers. They use other photographers images in order to make a point.

But If you believe there’s more to street photography than the canned “Get closer”, “use the rule of thirds” or other
bloggerese, you are right. Street Photography is much richer than those goo-roos tell you. For example… 



Here’s an image I shot a while back…

But what makes it work?



Other photography material will tell you this works because of the rule of thirds.

P.S: Dunno what the rule of thirds is?
We cover that too! 



It works because of Frame Dynamics, Law of Proximity, Law of similarity, Mid-point Tension and more…

This is the stuff that great images are made of!

“I’ve been following these guys for two years now and I wish it was 20 years. Oliver

and Don’s insights in the video review are valuable for students and anyone looking

to up their game photographically. These guys have pointers that were never

mentioned by university professor of art; even those who claim photographic arts”

– Michael Fiore

Best Of All: Anybody Can Do it!

I’ve got a confession to make. Do you remember when you were in school? And in the back room there used to be the lowest grade kids, and the good-for-nothings? Well that was yours truly. I was never a good student. I was never good in art (parents don’t count as fans, do they?). I was never particularly brilliant. I was the kid in the back trying to make anyone laugh because that was the only thing I was good at. Slightly.

So, if I can do it, anybody can do it. Sure that makes me feel less special, but it’s true. One thing I’ve learned training this method to hundreds of street photographers…it’s that you don’t need to FEEL like you are capable of doing it. I’m pretty sure at some point in your life learning how to read seemed like climbing mount Everest…yet look at you now reading without breaking a sweat.

So if you don’t feel like you can make some outstanding street photography images, you are absolutely right. That conscious part of you CAN’T.

It’s just too much of a complex task. That subconscious part of you tho? It’s about Half a million times more powerful than what you give yourself credit for. So anyone can make outstanding images. You are reading this, so take it as proof to yourself, it’s the same process, but much easier and much more fun!

street photography course 2
street photography course 4

I still have quite a few “picture patterns” to do and I am keeping them like something good for the near future like a piece of dark chocolate or a new book you look forward to. – Sven Petersen

Make Images As Unique As your Fingerprint

Inside Street Photography Secrets I’ve pretty much revealed everything I know about Street Photography. Everything that opened the doors for me in terms of printing my work, being featured on top sites, etc. And I don’t mind revealing them at all, because not only does Street Photography Secrets program your subconscious for street photography, it also shows you the steps to find yourself as a photographer and make images as unique as your fingerprint.  That is important because…

You are either DIFFERENT or INVISIBLE. There’s just no way around it. People just can’t find the time of the day to look at your image if it’s not different. 

What’s the point of making picture if it looks like what everyone is doing, right? Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of Street Photography Secrets…


A Treasure-Trove of Image Making Knowledge

Get 60+ years of Image-making knowledge right at your fingertips.
Here’s a small sample of what is revealed in “Street Photography Secrets”

✅    The invisible element that compels your viewer to look at your image

✅    How every element of the photograph changes its interpretation

✅    How to craft images with eye-popping compositions

✅    How to make the most out of any time of day

✅    How to put emotion in your images to touch the heart of your viewers


✅    Developing your photographic 6th sense

✅    How to edit your images like the Pros

✅    The formulas for pleasing colors in your images

✅    The very simple tools that you will edit with 95% of the time

✅    The paradigm shift that helps conquer your fear

✅    More than 10 ways to contrast elements in your image to create interest

✅    How to avoid digital photography’s greatest downfall

✅    Why imperfect images are to be desired

✅    Learn the 5 laws to make people look where you them want to

✅    Conquer your fear easilywith street karma therapy

✅    How capture the imagination like this 20th century spy



✅    The 5 elements of the visual world u0026amp; their psychological implications

✅    The 8 design principles  that make your images work

✅    How the most important case in memory science teaches us how photography works

✅    The sneaky way to lead your viewer’s eye after you made the shot

✅    What 98% of photographers get wrong

✅    How to find your own voice

✅    The must-have mindset prime your brain for photography

✅    How to do street photography without being noticed

✅    What REALLY makes your images different. Hint: It’s not what you think

✅    How this insight by an old Italian economist will help you in Lightroom

✅    How to make images that resonate with you

✅    The little detail that makes your photograph memorable

✅    Know whether  a photograph is good or not, even if it’s not liked by many

✅    The powerful element that attracts your viewers eyes like magnets

 ✅   The sneaky trick Hollywood uses to manipulate your emotions

✅    The small elements that make or break a photo

✅    Why seeing images as reality hinder you from your best work

✅    A systematic plan to enhance your composition

✅    In a hurry? Multiple ways to divide the frame and tell a story

✅    u0026amp; much more

I am an experienced photographer. So I was in doubt if the course would still enrich my photography. But after I started I became very enthousiastic. It is the first course that gave me a complete workflow to express myself with photos.
I highly recommend this course to photographers who want more than just a nice looking picture. – Ferdi Notten

Backed by 60 Years Of Experience

olivier duong

Olivier Duong is a Haitian, French, Vietnamese Graphic Designer turned Professional Photographer. His journey in photography started by buying a camera on impulse and continuing to waste his money on them until he stumbled upon a system that revolutionized his photography. His unique method earned him spots in Newspapers and well-known sites like Huffington Post. He has written and published close to 100 articles about photography.

don springer

Don Springer has 50 years of tremendous experience and knowledge in photography. He’s had an education any photographer would die for. He was the protege of Ding McNulty, one of the most important photography curators in the world and spent his time studying original sought-after prints.

His work has been collected and is featured in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Collectively, Olivier and Don have mentored dozens of photographers from around the world
and curated the images of more than 400 others.

As seen in:


Hundreds Of Successful Street Photographers Can’t Be Wrong!

method prooflight

A few of the hundreds of successful street photographers deploying street photography secrets in their images

Praise For Street Photography Secrets

Anyone who goes through this material will become a much better photographer trough a deep understanding of images (That

subconscious method is brilliant). I was very impressed.

William Dowell

You want to make images that look like everyone’s? I think it would be best to look elsewhere.

You want to make images that breathe life, have soul, that speak your heart, that touch the viewer? Then you’re in the right

place with this program that shows how to make meaningful images that stand out from the noise that’s out there. 

Keith Goldstein

I feel that this course will help any level of photographer because it’s not just about about the photographs but about the

process behind what even drives you to photograph something that is important.

Tina Leggio

It offers great insights into the technical and compositional aspects of picturemaking, as well as profound discussions of the

‘Eye, Heart and Mind’ of the photographer. I wish I had this when I started out!

A truly passionate and inspirational journey, that I would happily recommend everyone who is seriously into the art of

photography, or just about to enter this beautiful world.

Tommi Lina

By far the biggest benefit of this course is learning how to SEE and evaluate the different scenes because many photographers

can’t see the images that are right in front of them.

This course will change that. I kept watching the material over and over so that I will be able to use them subconsciously when

I’m out shooting in the streets.

I would highly recommend this course. Amazing job! ?

Gian Maagad

Don and Oliver’s philosophy and methods are spot-on and have helped me understand more clearly critical aspects of my own

approach to street photography, guiding me to incorporate different, more thoughtful compositions. A deeper, more

philosophical understanding of what is important while documenting your surroundings in real time is vital toward becoming a

better photographer, and a person.

Mike Lee

I’m only a few videos in but what I have gone through is really top-notch.

Much better and more useful for street photographers than some far more expensive workshops I’ve attended.

They set average assignments with relatively minor feedback and minimal input other than “be brave”, they are fine

for mustering up your courage, but not for taking your street photography to another level.

Chris Wilson

I am an experienced photographer. So I was in doubt if the course would still enrich my photography. But after I started I

became very enthousiastic. It is the first course that gave me a complete workflow to express myself with photos.

I highly recommend this course to photographers who want more than just a nice looking picture.

Ferdi Norten

The way to approach this course is different and brings concepts unknown to me, which until now, I had not found in books or in

many other courses (face-to-face and online) I have done with reputed photographers.

Jose Manuel

This is more than a photography course, it is a journey into the mind and heart of the photographer.
Having gone through the course, I feel that it has definitely inspired me to find my
own rhythm and help me to stand on my own as a photographerInstead of using formulaic methodology, the Inspired Eye course is a mind training exercise that preps you to subconsciously use what you learn to use instinctively on the field.
I finally got some time to go out and shoot and I have noticed the concepts/rhythms are constantly present as I shoot.
I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to grow as a photographer. 
Jeff Tidwell

I had been quite unsure about whether to enrol or not. I am glad I did because the course did make me feel inspired.

I still have quite a few “picture pattern” from the course to do and I am keeping them like something good for the near future like a piece of dark chocolate or a new book you look forward to.


Sven Petersen

I’ve been following these guys for two years now and I wish it was 20 years. Oliver and Don’s insights in the video review are

valuable for students and anyone looking to up their game photographically. These guys have pointers that were

never mentioned by university professor of art; even those who claim photographic arts.

Michael Fiore

I had no idea what I was doing as a photographer. But because of Street Photography Secrets I am on the track to understand how I see the world uniquely and how I can translate that into compelling photographs.

I love the tons and tons of visual examples and exercises that help to put concepts into action immediately.

That is why I would recommend this program to someone who wants to learn their own unique, personal and distinctive photographic style.

Chris Tygesen

The first photo in the set I sent is from the first roll of film I shot while going through your course.I was intent on using what I

learned and the scene just jumped out at me. Mundane subject but I saw something interesting and made it pleasing. It’s one of

my favorites. 

Ray Smith

Here’s What’s Revealed Inside…

Street Photography Secrets gives you everything you need to make outstanding images. Each Module Comes With Easy-to-Use Bonus Cheat Sheets and Email Exercises You Can Put Into Practice Immediately


How To Install Picture Patterns in your mind

An overview of the method and the Eye, Heart and Mind. We show you the best way to install those image patters in your mind quickly using graphics and illustrations.


The One Word That Makes Compelling Images

The one word, starts with “I” that is the biggest difference between ending up in a Gallery or being completely forgetten. This is THE most important word in all of photography yet is rarely talked about


The Keys To Stunning Composition

After looking at the basic composition patterns like the Golden Rule, this reveals the 5 laws, 6 elements and 8 arrangement principles. With these by your side, you can make shots that make others photographers wish they shot it.


Making impossible to forget images

It’s not how your images look, it’s how it make other’s feel. This module reveals the most powerful way to captivate your viewers and make your images spellbinding and impossible to forget.


Priming your brain for stunning images

Your brain is the command center. In this revealing module, you get to know how to optimize yours for images and more importantly how to remove the “mind viruses” that kill your images without you being aware of it


Cheat Sheet for easy reference

Each module has a Cheat Sheet for you to have as an easy reference. Not only that you also get the “Image Quest” cheat sheet designed to be downloaded on your phone and always have “picture patterns” to look for at any time.


Giving images the "Wow" factor

Completely transform your images to incredible. This module reveals how to give your street photography the “wow” factor with the secret discovered by an obscure italian economist of the past century 


The Trick To Fearless Street Photography

This module contains multiple tips and tricks like the slight mindset shift that makes you fearless, the Stephen King secret to creativity and the Darth Vader way to kicking butt as a street photographer

Immediate Access: Download Or Stream Online As You Wish

You have the convenience of watching online or download the videos on your phone, tablet or computer and watch anywhere.

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Watch online or download on any PC, MAC, iPhone or Android

Watch Online

No need to take up space on your computer. Simply log in to your account and access your material. The videos are available with a
few clicks.

Download On Your Devices

All videos are provided in .mp4 format, readable by most current devices. Perfect for when your creative urge strikes away from the computer.

Go At Your Own Pace

You are in control of your growth. Go as fast or slow as you’d like. We have many videos for you to use as a handy reference.

Also Included: Lifetime Updates

You also get all of the updates for this product for free. My antennas are always up for creating new insightful videos for this course, so when you get it, you also get all of the future updates for free. Spoiler: A HUGE update is coming in then next 2 months.

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street photography course 3

Act Now And You Immediately Receive 6 Additional FREE Bonuses

That’s not all. Besides “Street Photography Secrets” you also get 6 additional bonuses
completely FREE, here’s what’s waiting for you:

BONUS 1  ($297 Value)

How To Shoot Outstanding Images (Live Demonstration)

Follow along in the viewfinder as I (Olivier) show and explain how to shoot Street Photography, what to look for and how to make the most out of the morning, noon and night. Afterward follow me on my computer to sobserve the editing process. This will ensure you can select and put forth only your best work.

✅ A sneaky trick to get super close shots (even if you fear shooting strangers)

✅ Deal with your fear with the power of reframing (instead of faking it)

✅ How to cull your images to display only your best images

✅ Learn the thinking behind the images to know what works

✅ How to set up “traps” to secure your shot

✅ See about 300 images in the making so you see what’s possible for yourself

✅ The science behind sequencing your images

✅ A mostly unedited, honest look at making Street Photography from start to finish

✅ u0026amp;much  more!

japan courseb

(Mp4 Format)

BONUS 2  ($147 Value)

Quickly Master your camera in two hours

If you just picked up the camera or if M mode is still unfamiliar to you, this video series will make cameras and exposure understandable so that you can be prepared for any shot.

✅ All the complicated photography jargon is made crystal clear

✅ Learn how the settings change the image do so that you can be ready for any shots

✅ Understand the camera so that you can have creative control

✅ Avoid the technical mistakes in your shots that make you look foolish

✅ How to control the light so you can get the shot you want

✅ Learn to workwith any camera because all cameras behave the same way

✅ u0026amp;much  more!

opt photo basics min

(Mp4 Format)

BONUS 3  ($297 Value)

Secrets to creative Street Photography from Renaissance Masters

There is probably no greater period in the history of art than the Renaissance. But the magic of the Renaissance doesn’t have to be history. In fact many classical pieces contain timeless principles any photographer can benefit from! In this bonus, we look at 7 famous paintings, draw out their secrets for you and then explain how to apply them to your own photography.

✅ How to play a game with your more educated viewers like Picasso

✅How to make people relate differently to your images  (Thanks Mona Lisa!)

✅ How The Last Supper holds the key for Street Photographers

✅ How to use light itself to tell a story

✅ The simple trick to make your portraits better (learn it in 2 seconds)

✅ Learn to see art in a deeper way so that you can make your images more attractive

✅ u0026amp;much  more!

photography secrets renaissance

(Mp4 Format)

BONUS 4  ($12 Value)

18 Psychological Principles Every Photographer Should Know 

Psychology rules us whether whether or not we are aware of it. The more you know about these 18 psychological principles and what they mean to you as a photographer, the better off you will be. With them, you’ll learn to judge your own work better, relieve self-doubt and even influence how others judge your work.

✅ Discover the principle that predisposes you to make a fool out of yourself

✅ Become more confident with principle No. 13

✅ Principle No.14 shows the key to more memorable images

✅ Influence how your images will be remembered by their positioning

✅ How to get out of your own way to find images you didn’t think about

✅ How to look and judge your work more accurately

✅ u0026amp;much  more!

opt street photography psychology

(Mp4 Format)

BONUS 5  ($124 Value)

A wealth of Tips from 10 winning images

Understand photography by taking an in-depth look at photographs. We point out how they are made and why they work. You will gain the power to look at any great photograph and know why it works. On top of that, you’ll gain an even better understanding of your own images.

✅ See what happens when we remove small elements from a photo

✅ Understand what makes a photo a winner

✅ Gain the ability to talk about photographs in a erudite way

✅ See how to predict and anticipate where the eye is going to go first

✅ Understand when and why to break the rules

✅ Even more images on the way. We want to make this 100+ images strong.

✅ u0026amp; much more!

opt image vault min

(Mp4 Format)

BONUS 6  ($39 Value)

Old-School Street Photography Secrets from beyond the grave

Don Springer was not only the protege of a museum curator, he also met, hung out and shot with Garry Winnogrand and had long conversations with Minor White. Yeah… He got a world-class education and had long exchanges with a master street photographer and one of the most important figures in the world of Photography. Jealous much?

In this marathon 2 hour interview I suck Don dry about what was the most important things he learned from interacting with all 3. Who else knows these guys? This unique interview is more like a piece of history than a simple discussion. Find out:

✅ What elements of a photo attract the attention of a museum curator

✅ The one thing Garry Winnogrand responded to most in the streets

✅ What made Minor White stop dead in his tracks

✅ What was Garry’s favorite focal length

✅ The simple organization system many famous photographers have used

✅ u0026amp; much more

opt passing torch min

(Mp4 Format)


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opt image vault min

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Street Photography Secrets+Bonuses
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What master photographers had wasn’t special gear or technique,

they had knowledge of the inner workings of photography, something this course offers.

Anyone who goes through this material will become a much better photographer trough a deep understanding of images.

Having a course that focuses on understanding is extremely rare and extremely valuable.

The immediate payoff is access to decades of experience and insights from photo editing, design and psychology 

(That System is brilliant). I was very impressed. – William Dowell