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Unlock your inner street
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Our New Course Reveals How to Shoot Exceptional Images Using An Intuitive Methodology. This innovative method incorporates Psychology, Philosophy, Design And 55+ Years Of Insights In Photography.

“Anyone who goes through this material will become a much better photographer”

– William Dowell

Do you dream of your photographs in a gallery? To become a professional photographer? Or is it simply to be the best you can be? No matter your goal, it all starts with knowing how to craft outstanding images. You can do this without expensive gear or exotic locations. You don’t need to be particularly creative, you just need a method to do the heavy lifting for you.

How I Discovered A Method to Grow Your Photography in Record Time

My journey from nobody cares about my images to  “How the HECK to you DO that ?!?”

Hi, my name Olivier Duong, Professional Photographer, Co-Creator of Inspired Eye Magazine and  “The Inspired Eye Method”. Over the past few years I've evolved from having no idea what photography was to becoming a paid professional, lecturing about the craft, with work featured on top sites like the Huffington Post, Dpreview, Petapixel and more.

I don't say that to brag, only to prove how a simple discovery changed my life.

Let's rewind a bit…

When I got my very first camera, I had no idea what I was doing. No one bothered to look at the images I posted online. Self doubt started creeping in, it was so strong that I stopped posting entirely. Something had to change. First I wasted thousands of dollars buying more and more cameras, but that didn't work because it's the photographer who makes the images. Afterwards, I switched gears and I tried to learn using online ressouces and while I felt like I learned everything I could I was never satisfied with my images.


I'll be blunt: Because most of the photography advice out there is for Hobbyists. It’s dumbed-down, extremely simple content that gives you a few tips and tricks that fail to teach you how to craft a compelling image. It's like getting paint-by-numbers when you want to paint a masterpiece.

When I looked further I found out that most of the information out there is from hobbyists who stumbled on popularity through the internet boom. So all you could get from them is a superficial understanding of photography.

It's OK if you are just fooling around with a camera, but what can you do when you know  there are exceptional images inside of you that are just waiting to be unleashed upon the world?…. It is frustrating as heck! I tried and tried and could never grow as a photographer using these resources. Even worse, I found quite a few so-called photography teachers using other photographer's images and I found that hypocritical.

If you are serious about your images, you don't want some stupid post telling you what to do in a cookie cutter way. You don't want recipes; that's for everyone else. You want to do your own thing, carve your own path and make images you can be proud of. You want to create Images that you KNOW come from your soul, not because you followed some generic tutorial, but because you knew what you wanted and how to get it.

Let's go back to to 2009 when I was a struggling graphic designer. (I had no idea what I was doing there either). And then one fateful day in class I looked in front of me and a classmate of mine (who was already a professional designer -and a jerk too!) designed a logo right in front of me and lightning struck.

Right then and there I got “the secret” to composition. 

From then on, I established myself as a very good designer. Teachers started respecting my work, but I didn't think much of it. About a year later, I had a friend who was also struggling in design. And after a 15 minute teaching session with me, his designs improved like magic.

Then it hit me….Would this work for photography too? I started to incorporate “the secret” I'd found into my photography, and to my surprise I started to get interest about my work that wildly exceeded my expectations.

A friend of mine who was himself a photographer was so impressed with my new work he was dumbfounded. “How the HECK do you DO THAT? How do you create such incredible pictures? You’re not even a photographer!

Again, I didn't think much of it. I mean, it could just be that one person's opinion. But then I started getting messages like this:


(These are real emails I received) If someone tells you something, they might be right. But if people over and over tell you the exact same thing? Clearly I was onto something powerful.

Before: About the best picture I could take

After: Images like these come to me easily

So. What's the “secret”? To make great images, you need to know the principles of design. You must be able to see the world in terms of basic elements and organize them in logical way. I wanted to share my discoveries right then but held off for two reasons.

First, I needed to spend time crafting a portfolio of images to demonstrate that the principles worked because I didn't want to use other's images like those sleazy photo teachers I encountered. Secondly I felt I only had one piece of the photography puzzle: Composition.

Composition is only one part of what makes a great image. I needed to find out what else contributed to greatness in a photograph.

Years later, a providential moment came when I met a photographer with 50 years of experience. Not only did this guy have work in museums, his mentor was one of most important museum curators in the world. Ding McNulty of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

I just HAD to pick this guy's brain and extract everything I could…. .

So here's what I did. Over the span of 3 years I compiled all I knew of design, composition and processing. I combined it with his extensive photography wisdom (the kind you will not find anywhere). We mixed in a good dose of Philosophy and Psychology to create The Inspired Eye Method: an intuitive method of photography that primarely utilizes the subsconscious brain to do the hard work. The Inspired Eye Method was designed to quickly make anyone the best photographer they can be. 

And now it is finally available to you.

Design + Photography + Philosophy + Psychology = Make outstanding images

How to lead the eye of your viewer

The Only Tools You Need to Become an Outstanding Photographer

Gain a Thorough Understanding of Photography to Craft Remarkable Images. We’ve broken down every aspect of photography clearly and simply in the 8 Modules of The Inspired Eye Method:

The Method


The Trick to Quickly Rising as a Photographer

We show you how the brain work, how it “flags” important things in order to reveal the fastest and most effective way to learn photography.


How to Find Your own Voice

Here we explore the most important aspect that photographers commonly miss: Intent. We'll show you how to find yours.

The Eye


The Secrets to Eye Catching Compositions

We’ll build on time-tested photographic methods, beyond what most photographers are content to use, and give you in the principles and ingredients to innovate your compositions.

The Heart


Speak to the Heart of your viewers

We reveal the concept of the photographer's heart, how to develop it and how to focus on images that resonate with you and create the most impact with your viewers.

The Mind

Unlock the Creativity Within

We show you the invaluable effect of self-image and how you can use it to prime yourself for photography. Hint: We use the same trick elephant trainers do!

Cheat Sheets


Useful handouts that take your further

More than a dozen handouts are available to you in our course. They go in-depth from how contrasting works to the hidden meanings of colors.



Conquer Your Fear & more

In this module we touch upon rarely explored subjects like how to conquer your fear of making pictures of strangers and how to give birth to new projects.

Post Processing


How to Create the “Wow factor” in  1 hr

We use an important principle discovered by an Italian economist (about the differences between input and output) to show the most important tools you can use to post process. More importantly we investigate how post processing affects your viewers.

In Other Words: Insights You Can't Get Anywhere Else

“I've been following these guys for two years now and wish it was 20 years. These guys have pointers that were never mentioned by university professors of art; even those who claim to stress the photographic arts.” -Michael Fiore


Here's an image I shot a while back. LOVE IT.

But what makes it work?


Other photography material will tell you this works because of the rule of thirds.

P.S: Dunno what the rule of thirds is?
We cover that too! 


It works because of Frame Dynamics, Law of Proximity, Law of similarity, Mid-point Tension and more…

With this knowledge you'll make images that shine above the rest

Your Shortcut to great images

If you want to go to the next level in your photography, you have a few options:

You could shoot and try to figure things out by yourself…

While this is admirable, there's just one problem: if you don't know what you are looking for, it might be starring you in the face and you wouldn't even know it. You'd miss the picture forever.

I coach photographers from around the world. One guy has been shooting for longer than I've been alive, and yet I was pointing out elements that he couldn't see in his own images! They were already there, he just couldn't see them!

Going out to shoot is one of the best ways to develop your photography, but only if you have a basis for it. If not, it's like trying to read a book in a different language without knowing any vocabulary.

You could watch Youtube videos…

Youtube is a great resource, but most videos will leave you stuck at gear one. At best they offer a superficial understanding of what an image is.

There are 40.85 million photographers in the United States alone (who knows in the whole world) and what do they all do? Yep, They watch Youtube.

Most of the billions of images that are out there are gear one photos. Do you want to blend in with the others? Are you a “me-too” photographer? Hopefully not.

You could attend a live workshop…

Workshops seem like a great way to learn, but read the reviews and you'll notice something interesting: most people focus on the fact that their best time was hanging out with other photographers, going in the streets to shoot various assignments. Wait. A. Minute.

It's great to hang out with photographers but doesn't anyone care that you are paying to hang out with people and shoot the streets? Couldn't you do that on your own?

And when it comes to the classroom setting, if you missed any information from the workshop, you've lost it forever!

You could spend your time and money on these ressources, or you can start making images that blow everyone away by using our online/downloadable course. We offer way more than what you could ever find online, in an accessible way that allows you to reap more and more benefits as you shoot on your own.

What every photographer should know. Download or watch online as you wish

You have the convenience of watching online or download the videos on your phone, tablet or computer and watch anywhere.

Watch online or download on any PC, MAC, iPhone or Android

Watch Online

No need to take up space on your computer. Simply log in to your account and access your material. The videos are available with a
few clicks.

Download On Your Devices

All videos are provided in .mp4 format, readable by most current devices. Perfect for when your creative urge strikes away from the computer.

Go At Your Own Pace

You are in control of your growth. Go as fast or slow as you'd like. We have many videos for you to use as a handy reference.

A Street Photography Masterclass That's Perfect for busy people

Career. Kids. We I get it, you're busy, and no matter how much you love photography you just don't have the time to dedicate to it. It's not because you don't want to, there's just not enough time for your images. Well, here's some good news:

In just 15 minutes a day, you can radically improve your photography. And it's easier than you think.

Sounds to good to be true? It's not. Here's how it works: Consider learning Japanese characters. At first they may seem daunting, but if you learn the basic roots of each character, you find that everything builds on those roots. The characters become crystal clear if you know their foundation. Photography is the same way. In the course we first show you the big picture and then break photography up into the smallest parts possible, explaining how and why they work.

What you are doing is feeding your brain to recognize simple patterns. And then after a short while, magic happens.

Let me ask you a question. Did you ever own a car, a camera or a shirt, and suddenly see everyone has the same thing? It's because of a process that happens in the base of your brain (Reticular Activation System). We will be using that exact process in the course by logically and systematically telling the brain what to look for .

This process is the most intuitive way to grow your photography because you'll learn in a language that the brain understands: The language of patterns.

But look, while The Inspired Eye Method is probably the easiest and fastest way to assimilate photography, it does require some effort. We offer many assigments to do, but if you are short on time we also offer a 5 minute exercice that you can do anywhere that builds your awareness muscles and grows your photography.

Gain a 6th Sense
and Rock-Solid Confidence

Can you imagine seeing a stranger on the street and creating  a nice shot without feeling scared?

Can you imagine knowing you can make a nice shot in any boring, day-to-day location?

Can you imagine knowing with certainty that your shots are high-quality images, regardless of what anyone says?

Can you imagine looking at a photograph (and even a painting) and in an informed way point out why it works?

All that is yours once you know how photography really works. Armed with the knowledge of the Eye, Heart and Mind, you won’t rely on luck, other people’s approval or wishful thinking. You’ll rely on the timeless, universal principles that govern how people see and what they respond to. You will look at any scene and start seeing all the possibilities that are in front of you to make an image.

Things will never be the same. You'll look at someone and realize how their strand of hair leads your eye away from them. You'll look at light differently, you'll see how it affects the mood of your image. You'll look at shapes differently, for you know depending on the shapes you imply things without saying them.

A whole new world will open up to you and you will gain a 6th sense.

You'll be capabale of looking at anything and see all the images you could make. All of this is possible because you programmed your brain with what to look for.

A taste of the Post Processing module where you gain the ability to make eye catching images. (Note: Video is sped up)

A Wealth of Image Making Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Drawing from 55+ years of image-making knowledge, philosophy, design and psychology. Here's some of the things that are yours to learn and keep forever:

✅    The invisible element that compels your viewer to look at your image

✅    How every element of the photograph changes its interpretation

✅    How to craft images with eye-popping compositions

✅    How to make the most out of any time of day

✅    How to put emotion in your images to touch the heart of your viewers

✅    Developing your photographic 6th sense

✅    How to edit your images like the Pros

✅    The formulas for pleasing colors in your images

✅    The very simple tools that you will edit with 95% of the time

✅    The paradigm shift that helps conquer your fear

✅    More than 10 ways to contrast elements in your image to create interest

✅    How to avoid digital photography's greatest downfall

✅    Why imperfect images are to
be desired

✅    Learn the 5 laws to make people look where you them want to

✅    Conquer your fear easilywith street karma therapy

✅    How capture the imagination like this 20th century spy

✅    The 5 elements of the visual world & their psychological implications

✅    The 8 design principles  that make your images work

✅    The must-have mindset prime your brain for photography

✅    In a hurry? Multiple ways to divide the frame and tell a story

✅    How the most important case in memory science teaches us how photography works

✅    The sneaky way to lead your viewer's eye after you made the shot

✅    What 98% of photographers get wrong

✅    How to find your own voice

✅    How to do street photography without being noticed

✅    What REALLY makes your images different. Hint: It's not what you think

✅    How this insight by an old Italian economist will help you in Lightroom

✅    How to make images that resonate with you

✅    The little detail that makes your photograph memorable

✅    Know whether  a photograph is good or not, even if it's not liked by many

✅    The powerful element that attracts your viewers eyes like magnets

✅    A systematic plan to enhance your composition

 ✅   The sneaky trick Hollywood uses to manipulate your emotions

✅    The small elements that make or break a photo

✅    Why seeing images as reality hinder you from your best work

✅    & much more

In A Nutshell

With the Inspired Eye Method, you will gain an understanding of photography that most photographers simply don’t have. Your images will stand out of the crowd not by chance, but because you DESIGNED them that way. You will be more confident, because you know that you can make an exceptional photograph with any camera, anywhereNo matter whether you are a mere beginner or already a good photographer, you will be interested in learning about this new and wonderful method.

Meet Your Instructors

An Award-Winning Graphic Designer turned Pro Photographer & a Fine Art Photographer

Olivier Duong is a Haitian, French, Vietnamese Graphic Designer turned Professional Photographer. His journey in photography started by buying a camera on impulse and continuing to waste his money on them until he stumbled upon a system that revolutionized his photography. His unique method earned him spots in Newspapers and well-known sites like Huffington Post. He has written and published close to 100 articles
about photography.

Don Springer has 50 years of tremendous experience and knowledge in photography. He's had an education any photographer would die for. He was the protege of Ding McNulty, one of the most important photography curators in the world and spent his time studying original sought-after prints.

His work has been collected and is featured in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Collectively, Olivier and Don have mentored dozens of photographers from around the world
and curated the images of more than 400 others.

As seen in:

What they say

What our clients had to say:

I was already familiar with Don and Olivier’s work through their blogs.  I respected their work so when I heard that they were putting together a course, I was immediately intrigued.

I’ve been doing street photography for about ten years but there is always something new to learn or a different way to look at things and that’s where I feel that this course will help any level of photographer.  It’s not just about about the photographs but about the process behind what even drives you to photograph something.  The informative but informal teaching style of Don and Olivier makes you feel like you’re part of a discussion rather than a lecture.

Tina Leggio

Photographer, NYC

What master photographers had wasn't special gear or secret technique, they had knowledge of the inner workings of photography, something this course offers. Anyone who goes through this material will become a much better photographer trough a deep understanding of images.

Having a course that focuses on understanding is extremely rare and extremely valuable. The immediate payoff is access to decades of experience and insights from photo editing, design and psychology (That Inspired Eye Method is brilliant). I was very impressed.

William Dowell

Former Time Correspondent, Author, PA

Compared to other courses, this one touches on two extremely important areas that most other courses leave out: the heart and the mind. You want to make images that look like everyone's? I think it would be best to look elsewhere.

You want to make images that breathe life, have soul, that speak your heart, that touch the viewer? Then you’re in the right place. Olivier and Don will help take you on your journey to make more meaningful images that stand out from the image noise that’s out there. Be brave. Be fearless. Be open.

Keith Goldstein

Photo Editor Shutterstock, Fine Art Photographer, NYC

As much as I really like the guidance on finding your intent as a photographer, I think by far the biggest benefit of this course is learning how to SEE and evaluate the different scenes because many photographers can't see the images that are right in front of them.
This course will change that. I kept watching the material over and over so that I will be able to use them subconsciously when I'm out shooting in the streets.

I would highly recommend this course. Amazing job! ?

Gian Maagad

Photographer, Philippines

Don and Oliver’s philosophy and methods are spot-on and have helped me understand more clearly critical aspects of my own approach to street photography, guiding me to incorporate different, more thoughtful compositions. A deeper, more philosophical understanding of what is important while documenting your surroundings in real time is vital toward becoming a better photographer, and a person.

Mike Lee

Photographer, NYC

This I wish I had when I started out!

It offers great insights into the technical and compositional aspects of picturemaking, as well as profound discussions of the ‘Eye, Heart and Mind' of the photographer.

A truly passionate and inspirational journey, that I would happily recommend everyone who is seriously into the art of photography, or just about to enter this beautiful world.

Tommi Lina

Photographer, Sweden

Yours Too: 6 Enlightening Bonuses

Included are 6 bonuses: 4 extra courses, 1 exclusive interview, and a one-of a kind ebook.

Take a look at what your purchase includes:

Over the shoulder Street Photography from shoot to edit

Follow along in the viewfinder as I (Olivier) show and explain how to shoot Street Photography, what to look for and how to make the most out of the morning, noon and night. Afterward follow me on my computer to sobserve the editing process. This will ensure you can select and put forth only your best work.

✅ A sneaky trick to get super close shots (even if you fear shooting strangers)

✅ Deal with your fear with the power of reframing (instead of faking it)

✅ How to cull your images to display only your best images

✅ Learn the thinking behind the images to know what works

✅ How to set up “traps” to secure your shot

✅ See about 300 images in the making so you see what's possible for yourself

✅ The science behind sequencing your images

✅ A mostly unedited, honest look at making Street Photography from start to finish

✅ &much  more!

Use M mode like a boss

If you just picked up the camera or if M mode is still unfamiliar to you, this video series will make cameras and exposure understandable so that you can be prepared for any shot.

✅ All the complicated photography jargon is made crystal clear

✅ Learn how the settings change the image do so that you can be ready for any shots

✅ Understand the camera so that you can have creative control

✅ Avoid the technical mistakes in your shots that make you look foolish

✅ How to control the light so you can get the shot you want

✅ Learn to workwith any camera because all cameras behave the same way

✅ &much  more!

Renaissance Secrets for photographers

Follow along in the viewfinder as I (Olivier) show and explain how to shoot Street Photography, what to look for and how to make the most out of the morning, noon and night. Afterward follow me on my computer to sobserve the editing process. This will ensure you can select and put forth only your best work.

✅ A sneaky trick to get super close shots (even if you fear shooting strangers)

✅ Deal with your fear with the power of reframing (instead of faking it)

✅ How to cull your images to display only your best images

✅ Learn the thinking behind the images to know what works

✅ How to set up “traps” to secure your shot

✅ See about 300 images in the making so you see what's possible for yourself

✅ The science behind sequencing your images

✅ A mostly unedited, honest look at making Street Photography from start to finish

✅ &much  more!

Impactful Insights from winning images


Understand photography by taking an in-depth look at photographs. We point out how they are made and why they work. You will gain the power to look at any great photograph and know why it works. On top of that, you'll gain an even better understanding of your own images.

✅ See what happens when we remove small elements from a photo

✅ Understand what makes a photo a winner

✅ Gain the ability to talk about photographs in a erudite way

✅ See how to predict and anticipate where the eye is going to go first

✅ Understand when and why to break the rules

✅ Even more images on the way. We want to make this 100+ images strong.

✅ & much more!

Actionable tips from 3 Photography legends

 Don Springer was not only the protege of a museum curator, he also met, hung out and shot with Garry Winnogrand and had long conversations with Minor White. Yeah… He got a world-class education and had long exchanges with a master street photographer and one of the most important figures in the world of Photography. Jealous much?

In this marathon 2 hour interview I suck Don dry about what was the most important things he learned from interacting with all 3. Who else knows these guys? This unique interview is more like a piece of history than a simple discussion. Find out:

✅ What elements of a photo attract the attention of a museum curator

✅ The one thing Garry Winnogrand responded to most in the streets

✅ What made Minor White stop dead in his tracks

✅ What was Garry's favorite focal length

✅ The simple organization system many famous photographers have used

✅ & much more


18 Psychological Principles Every Photographer Should Know 



Psychology rules us whether whether or not we are aware of it. The more you know about these 18 psychological principles and what they mean to you as a photographer, the better off you will be. With them, you'll learn to judge your own work better, relieve self-doubt and even influence how others judge your work.

✅ Discover the principle that predisposes you to make a fool out of yourself

✅ Become more confident with principle No. 13

✅ Principle No.14 shows the key to more memorable images

✅ Influence how your images will be remembered by their positioning

✅ How to get out of your own way to find images you didn't think about

✅ How to look and judge your work more accurately

✅ &much  more!

You are protected By The 60 Day“Steal Our Stuff” Guarantee.

Your purchase is covered by the “Steal Our Stuff” guarantee. Why that name? Because you could technically go through the material, reap all of the benefits for yourself for 60 days and if you're not satisfied, we'll give you your money back, no questions asked. Of course you are a good person and would never cheat two honest guys like us…but because we believe in what we crafted, we offer you 60 days to get your money back easely for any reason.

Guilt-Free. No questions asked.

Fact is: If you don't like the course, we don't want your money.

If you feel you are not learning new things, we don't want your money.

Just shoot us a quick email. And we'll courteously send you a refund. BOOM! Done.

Oh! And Lifetime Updates

Getting the Inspired Eye Method entitles you for Lifetime Updates. We spent two years designing this course to be the best that it can be, all in an accessible, candid style.

Despite all that effort, we want to continue making the Inspired Eye Method better. So as we add new elements to the training program, you’re entitled to them. You’ll receive access to any added training materials absolutely free.

It's the investment that keeps on giving.

Questions Answered

Is this for Street Photographers?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer:

The Inspired Eye Method deals with universal laws, principles and insights that are pretty much universal to all of photography, so it's for any photographer looking to up their game. Since we are street photographers, we primarily use street photography for our examples.

The Japan Bonus is exclusively Street Photography and goes in depth into the genre (like how to make candids or what to look for).

Before you can go in-depth about a particular style of music like jazz, you need to know a little about general music first. Same thing here. We go trough the general that all photography styles share and then we go into the specifics of Street Photography.

Will this work for me if I am more into landscapes or other genre?

Absolutely. Most of photography shares 90% of the same stuff. This course covers all that. It will not go into the specifics of Landscapes and other genres besides Street Photography, but the rules that govern eye travel are universal, the way to process images are universal, so you will be able to judge how to compose and process great images regardless of your specific favorite genre.

I am a complete this for me?

Heck yeah! Most everything we talk about focuses on getting YOU to have the gift of photography, rather than simply how to use your camera on a technical level. (Anybody can do that)

Since it is important to know your camera, we've got you covered with the “Camera Basics” bonus. It shows you how to gain control of your camera. M mode won't be anything special afterwards.

What if I am an intermediate shooter?

The material in this course is presented in a unique way and is targeted at intermediate shooters like you. You will build on your body of knowledge, learn new concepts and discover a brand new way to look at photography. You probably won't need to watch the “Photo basics” if you know how to handle your camera already. Kudos to you!

Will this help me if I want paid work?

Absolutely, this will help you not only to become a better photographer, this will help you define yourself as a photographer.

It won't be specific, like how to shoot portraits or weddings, but it will show you how photography works on an universal level and how to develop your own style, giving you an edge on all those guys who shoot the same way.

Just a month ago I received a Facebook message from a client requesting my “photographic genius”. She employed many photographers before me, but I stuck out because of what I will share in the course.

What if am very busy?

We understand you have priorities (family, job, life stuff…). We designed our course with busy people in mind. First, you'll watch a video about a concept (like line vectors) and go on your way with that concept in mind. Second, due to your R.A.S (it's explained inside), you'll start seeing the concepts come alive come alive with a little repetition.

Get this: An exercise in the Inspired Eye Method allows you to develop your eye litterally anywhere! You don't even need a camera, and it barely takes 3 minuntes. It's powerful stuff.

How long is the program?

If you would allow us to sidestep the question for a moment, the lenght of the course really doesn't matter. Because what you're looking for is insight. A proverb is only a phrase but might take a lifetime to understand.

That said, If you were to go trough the whole program back to back, it's about 4 hours…. and the bonuses, you are looking at about 11+ hours.

If brevity is not what you’re looking for, consider that we went to great lengths to distill our body of knowledge with great depth and clarity. There is no fluff.

Also, you can go back to the material as many times as you like and keep learning. These are the basic building blocks for your own growth, we give you everything that you need to make great photos….but also the power to analyze and learn from any photograph you see.

Doesn't what make a photo good a matter of opinion?

Yes and no.
Art is by nature subjective, what makes it “good” varies from person to person, but such comment is only valid once you understand what you are doing.

To be be a good photographer you must learn the rules, know them cold, and follow them.

To be great photographer, you must learn the rules, know them cold, and break them.

I have seen two photos from two different photographers. In both of them the highlights were way too bright. One of the photos worked well, the other looked like the photographer didn't know what they were doing. And they didn't.

The only difference between them was that the first photographer did that on purpose, the second photographer did that out of ignorance.

Great images have intent, they are purposeful, they are designed. You could get lucky and get a great image once in a while, but you would be taking images, not making them.

An Incredible Value

Let's look at all that you get:

Total value of this package:

But we're not going to ask you for that.


We’re not going to charge you $800.


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The Inspired Eye Method is yours for at just $47/month for 6 months.  


Just so you know, this doesn't account for the priceless lessons my partner learned at the feet of a Museum Curator
It doesn't account the college tuition I had to pay to uncover the principles of composition.
It doesn't account the exclusive insights we made that will make photography clear.
It doesn't account for the self confidence and pride you will feel as a photographer.
it doesn't account for the fact that you will shortcut years from your learning curve.
Photographers pay us $345 minimum to teach them this… and remember that you keep this knowledge forever.


Here's what you get every month:


✅ Introduction
✅ The photographer's  intent
✅ Photographer's Eye I
✅ Bonus: Photography basics

Month 4:

✅ The photographer's Heart
✅ The photographer's Mind
✅ Street Photography in Japan II
✅ Renaissance Secrets I

Month 2:

✅ Photographer's Eye II
✅ Photographer's Eye III
Bonus: Photography basics II
✅ Bonus: Passing the torch

Month 5:

✅ Post Processing I
✅ Post Processing II
✅ Street Photography in Japan III
✅ Renaissance Secrets III

Month 3:

✅ Photographer's Eye IV
✅ Photographer's Eye V
✅ Bonus: Photography basics III
✅ Bonus: Street Photography in Japan I

Month 6:

✅ Application I
✅ Application II
✅ Conclusion
✅ Bonus: Image Vault

Hundreds of street photographers already unlocked their creativity:



“I'm only 4% of the way through, but it's been well worth the money I spent so far” -James Cockroft


“The way to approach this course is different and brings concepts unknown to me, which until now, I had not found in books or in many other courses (face-to-face and online) I have done with reputed photographers.

 I even studied at the most reputed professional photography school in Spain (EFTI), with a cost 20 times higher than your course and six months in length, and concepts like the laws of perception or the visual map did not appear.” – Jose Manuel