Finally revealed, as step-by-step way that makes

Breathtaking Cinematic Street Photography

Give your images a “Hollywood flair” with a simple, quick step-by-step system that gets you shooting street photography that look like movie stills. 

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Hi, my name is Olivier Duong, graphic designer, professional photographer and street photographer. I’ve been shooting street photography for the last 10 years, and while I love me my gritty black and whites, I’ve always shot on the side with a cinematic street photography style.

Cinematic shots are way more popular than “straight” street photography. It is probably because cinematic images are accessible, people “get” them right away…and because not a lot of photographers are doing it.

I’ve always been fascinated by movies. My acting career stopped at being an extra when I used to live in New York City, but I’ve diligently studied the visuals of movies for years. When I wanted to jump into cinematic street photography, turns out there is no step-by-step guidance I could find, so I had to learn it all the same way aspiring directors did.

Years later I decided to compile everything I know about shooting cinematic street photography in one place where you can get…

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Everything you need to make cinematic street photography

Unlike normal street photography, cinematic street photography is a bit more involved. You will never be able to go out in the streets and come home with cinematic shots just like that. There is a recipe behind the movie look. In the book “Cinematic street photography step-by-step” I take you by the hands and peel back the curtains to first find out the keys to making movie still images, then I reveal everything you need to know to be a movie director in the streets. Finally I show you the Lightroom tricks that elevate your images to a moody cinematic masterpiece. Best of all?

No special equipment needed

If you have expensive gear, great! It’s better to have things done in-camera. But what  if all you have is a run-of-the-mill mirrorless or DSLR camera and want to do cinematic street photography? It’s all good. I designed the book for people who don’t have all sorts of expensive equipment. If you don’t have an expensive lens, there is a 3 minute trick that gives the same result right in Lightroom.

What about special software? Do you need to have Photoshop? It’s recommended, but not necessary. In the book I reveal how to do all the crucial adjustments for free, online, nothing to install.

Most of the shots on this page are made with a 5 year old fixed-lens camera. Your gear is important but the real magic in cinematic photography happens in how you shoot and in post-processing. Onto the nitty gritty…

Inside the cinematic street photography ebook:

In 79 pages, you will get everything you need to become your very own director of street photography. Revealed inside…

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Cinematic Street Photography Ebook Cover

✅ Step-by-step to shooting breathtaking street photography
✅ How to crank boring skies into stunning vistas
✅ The magic number you need to know. It’s what makes your images look straight from the cinema
✅ How to fake a high-end $2000 lens for free

✅ Stunning! The secret to Hollywood-style processing
✅ The 6 types of shots that makes people think your street photography is actually a movie still
✅ & Much more

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee


If you don’t get much out of this cinematic street photography ebook, contact my support desk within 60 days and you will get a prompt refund. I’ve written the ebook so that it delights and reveals exactly what makes a cinematic street shot tick. If you don’t feel you got enormous value out of it, call it pride if you want, I don’t want your money. So go ahead and get the ebook and start shooting breathtaking cinematic street photography, or your money back.

How much is this?

This book teaches the cinematic street photography style step-by-step. It’s jam-packed with actionable tips that makes you capable of shooting like a movie director as soon as you put it down. It’s yours for just $37.

BONUS: Cinematic Street Photography Presets

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You Get Cinematic Street Photography Presets As A Free Bonus

You will also receive a great collection 16 of cinematic presets. With the push of a button your images will look like straight out of the movie theater. Presets have a varied look, some go for a thriller look, while others go for a more action look… Also included is a preset that took days of development. I takes boring skies and transforms them into a moody set-piece. This is THE preset I’ve jealously guarded close to my chest for years, it’s my prized possession and you will get it for free as a bonus. 

Start Shooting Outstanding Cinematic Stills Now

Now’s the time to act. If you want to make images that look like movie stills, this is a no-brainer. Simply click here, put in your card information (protected by Paypal) and you will get immediate access to the ebook that reveals everything you need to know to create moody masterpieces and the unique presets. You’ll be able to shoot like a movie director as soon as you put it down. Act now!