Common questions about Inspired Eye answered

Where is my current issue?

The current issue is always under “My account”, simply login there and scroll down for your download. An email is sent out upon the release of the current issue too. If you are not receiving it, please check your SPAM folder first. If it’s not there, please shoot us an email to solve this.

Note: If you subscribed to our newsletter and then unsubscribed, you’ve prevented us to contact you. Please send us an email to reactivate the email sending.

How do I cancel the subscription?

Under my account, scroll down and click cancel. Alternatively, go to paypal>profile>my preaproved payments and click cancel. This does not affect the remainder of your issues.

Why the recurring questions?

The Magazine follows a recurring question format in order to have only one variable: The photographer being interviewed. On the long run, there will be a database of answers that will be formed in the reader’s mind, becoming the soup on which they can base their own views.

Will there be a print version?

There are currently no plans to make a print version of the Magazine. Print publications requirement too much logistical planning and too much overhead, we run on Passion, and we are afraid that if we go the print route Passion will transform to work, therefore killing it.

Can I print my issues?

Sorry, but no you cannot for 2 reasons, the first is the images are not meant for print so they will look bad once printed, second is that the Magazine has many photographer’s portfolios in it, and most of them do not want their work printed without their permission.

How often is Inspired Eye published?

Well, at the beginning of the story, we settled for every 8 weeks, we weren’t sure we could make the mag every 4 weeks, we are just two guys after all. Afterwards we sped things up for every 6 weeks, and then settled for 4 weeks. So the mag is put out every 4 weeks.

Where can I read the magazine?

It is a downloadable magazine in PDF, read it on your devices like iPad or tablet, or on your computer

Why does the magazine ask for fullscreen?

The magazine is designed to be read fullscreen because we seek to make it a photographic experience. When the program asks you to put it in fullscreen, click on YES for the optimal experience.

How is Inspired Eye different than other magazines?

Inspired Eye is the kind of magazine we wished we had. So we made it. Unlike other photography magazine, we don’t care about achievements or credentials. There is a large spectrum of photographers out there and we want to bring them to spotlight. You won’t feel alienated when reading Inspired Eye, you will feel part of the photography community.

How do I submit my work to Inspired Eye?

It’s easy, click HERE and look for the appropriate date, read the instructions and upload ?

What if I don't have Paypal?

For anything besides a subscription, you can pay with a debit or credit card through Paypal without having an account with them. Select Paypal and checkout and select this option:


You will be able to put your card info there

Why can't I check out without Paypal for a subscription?

In order to control subscriptions, you cannot checkout as a guest with Paypal. Paypal needs to have a login from you in order for you to have control over suspending or continuing your subscription.

Why do I need to create an account before checkout?

Not really, because we are offering downloads, you need to have a way to download them whenever you want. Many people come back to the site because their drive crashed for example. An account is auto-generated from your email. So if you want to check your account, cancel your subscription or buy something else, simply click on forgot password and voilà!

Still need help?

Please select the “Contact us” tab in the menu to ask your question…

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  1. Olivier & Shooter,

    I am missing some back issues as far back as edition #60. I used to simply download them, but I can no longer download edition #74 and a seven others. What am I missing?

    David Clarkson

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