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Hey there, hotshot,
Got a question for you…
Do you want to make outstanding street photography but just don’t have time to devote to it? You’ve got the boss’s boot around your neck, the bills got to get paid, the kids need to be fed…Totally get it.  It’s hard being interested in something that you want to get into and have very little time to devote to it, right?

I get it. Got two kids who’s full time job is to eat and get sick, and I can hardly call myself a photographer for the last 5 years. There just ain’t not time.  And unfortunately if you want to do street photography…

It takes time to create Street Photography with the artistic Eye


I ain’t going to suggar coat it. Developing your eye as a street Photographer takes time. The very thing you don’t have, right? How many times you told yourself this day you will go and shoot only to have your plans cancelled by family needs or job needs? 

 Long story short, you are probably dealing with a lot of caca and you just can’t seem to take shots that make you go Wow! You want amazing street photography. You need time. You don’t have time. Sucks, right?

But here’s some good news:


There are quick wins that can level up your Images instantly


You might not have the time dedicated to developing their eye, heart and mind and becoming a phototactic Street Photographer.  Or maybe you do have the time, but every time you went out to shoot you have nothing substantial to show for it, and you need to see some progress quick or you feel like giving up.

The good news is…there are quick wins that can level up your images instantly or very quickly. Can you imagine what would happen if you knew of a trick that could take you from fearful to fearless…in 3 seconds? Or how much better if your images would be if you took something that you use everyday and use them to make stunning looking compositions?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I asked myself, drawing from 10 years of teaching street photography…what are the quickest, fastest and easiest tips I could share that would make a beginner make some stunning images? I compiled them all, and now…


street photography ebook preview

You can get the quickest, simplest and fastest Street Photography tips


I believed there were only 2-3 things you could start and get instant results in your images. To my surprise, this was not the case, there are MANY things you can do that will level up your street photography damn near instantly, here’s what I mean:

✅ 30+ instant/quick instant street photography tips

✅ How to go from fearful to fearless in 3 seconds

✅ The magical script that compels subjects to say yes to your portraits


✅ The “out of the box” thinking that makes you a better photographer

✅ Got more than one camera? You better read this on page 9

✅ How to get creative in 3 minutes even if you dob’t feel like it


✅ The best settings for amazing Black and White

✅ The only 3 ways to make your photos interesting

✅ How to have a completely “new” location to shoot without going anywhere

✅ 2 things you can do to transform boring scenes and things into awesome


✅ How to see things differently without doing much

✅ The worse number in street photography

✅ The 2 ways to deal with cliches


✅ Instant composition: How to use something you use everyday to immediately make better compositions.

✅ This thing is just as important as your subject

✅ How to make your photos have a “sticky” factor


✅ Need an instant creative boost? Just ask WWDRD

✅ The drop dead simple way to instantly punch up your street photography in Lightroom

✅ The greatest secret to make killer Black and Whites in Lightroom

✅ Where to position yourself to get plenty of great street shots



You get all of this is my new book “Street Photography Blitz”. Blitz is a sudden, energetic, and concerted effort. In a nutshell it’s a lot of fast hitting Street Photography tips that makes some stellar images. So let’s get something out of the way, this is…

Not for those who want to go
too deep


This is not for you if you want a discussion about the finer points of Street Photography. The philosophy of it, how to develop it. Nopes. This is 60 pages of just do this, do that and get great images. It’s pretty darn short too because this is all about getting the most out of this book in the quickest time possible. Everything is straightforward, you can read it in one sitting…so there is NO fluff. 

This is not a comprehensive resource, but if you are looking to make better images right away, this is it. By the way, when you get this…

This is Yours too: How to edit your Street Photography in 30 seconds

Necessity is the mother of inventions. And being short on time I developed a system to edit my Street Photography images in Lightroom in 30 seconds.

You will cut down your editing time to 3 minutes but as you get used to the system, you can get it down to 30 seconds.

Can you imagine how much time that will save you?

The time you spend waiting at the doctor, BOOM 15 images already done. Got a few minutes of downtime, already processed 5 images. 

But besides the practical time saving features, the real benefit of this is the sense of confidence and decisiveness you get from being able to edit fast and quick.


blitz editing

PDF+ MP4 Instant Download 

blitz products

When you checkout below you get instant access to both Street Photography Blitz in PDF format and Street Photography Blitz Editing in mp4 format.

Download and conveniently have access to them in most of your devices. 

How much for this? 


Good question. The ebook itself is worth more than $50.

Why? Take the 3 second fear busting technique. It is easy to do and takes 3 seconds and the feeling of fear literally just goes away. Also inside is one composition strategy I have never heard anywhere in all of my years as a photographer. It uses something you use everyday and transforms it into an easy to use tool that makes stunning compositions.

These two things alone are worth the price of the ebook. The ebook started with just these two tips. But because I’m probably compensating for a lack of acceptance in my childhood, there’s even more tips in this book beyond those two.

The video too is part of my overcompensating nature. It alone is worth more than $50. How would I know? I asked and the word I got back for something like that is “cheap”. The video+ebook both are worth more than $100.



PDF+Video: Yours For Just $45

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Backed by the “Olivier’s stupid” 60 day guarantee


This is backed by the “Oliver’s stupid” guarantee. That means you could get this product, use it for 59 days, get all the benefits and ask for a refund and get it. The name of the guarantee comes from my wife.

When I told her what the guarantee was on Inspired Eye products she got red faced and yelled (with a tiny sprinkle of spit if I remember) “you’re stupid!”. I told her I know my stuff works and she looked at me with “the look” (oh you know what I mean, right?) and she said to me again “You’re stupid”.  Heh, you have to understand her, we have two kids to feed!

Anyway I decided to call the Inspired Eye Guarantee “Oliver’s stupid” guarantee. It works magic on your images or your money back.


Ready To Level Up Instantly?

Are you ready to make a quantum leap in your Street Photography instantly? To go from fearful to fearless in 3 seconds with a mind trick? To edit your images in 30 Seconds?

Now you can with Street Photography Blitz and it’s collection of 30+ instant, fast and quick street photography tips that makes stunning street photography

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