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Looking for a street photography newsletter to subscribe to? Look no further than one of the most popular (10,000 street photographers and counting) and one of the oldest ones on the internet, since 2012. Yes, it survived the Mayan Apocalypse, so you bet it’s pretty awesome. Put your email below to receive it:

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5 reasons to join Inspired Eye’s street photography newsletter

So, why would you want to join? Here’s 4 solid reasons for this street photography newsletter:

1. You get 4 free downloads just for signing up

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When you sign up the street photography newsletter, you will receive 4 free downloads:

  • Street Photography: The definitive guide (With 10 tips for beginners)
  • The Book of photography quotes (With 200 photography quotes)
  • 10 tips to the 28mm (To get creative shots with your 28mm)
  • Eye, heart and mind (With the street photography equation)

Pretty Cool, heh? You also get

2. Insights into street photography

I’ve been a street photographer for about a decade, and let me tell you, there’s WAY more to street photography than meets the eye. The emails I sent are insightful and actionable:

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3. Latest articles delivered to you

If I write a blog article (they tend to be in depth) I will send you an email so that you can get it right away. Here’s what Alan had to say about these:

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4. You get exclusive discounts

When you sign up for Inspired Eye’s newsletter, you will get exclusive discounts on Street Photography related training and inspiration. These are rare, and always reserved for email subscribers. Not even Facebook fans ever see these.

What others say bout IE’s Street Photography Newsletter

Here’s what many of the 10,000 street photographers on the newsletter had to say about it:

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The newsletter is about 2 emails per week with all things related to street photography. Put your email below and you’ll receive your 4 welcome gifts and start right away, all for free…

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My name is Olivier Duong, I am a Haitian-French-Vietnamese professional photographer, graphic designer and street photographer. Put in your email and get exclusive tips in my newsletter.