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Panagiotis Stergianos is a happy owner of the Ricoh GR, he sent me a few images, I sent him a few questions. His answers are below.


Panagiotis, please tell us a bit about yourself
Hello, I am Greek; I live in Athens where I keep a day job in to the telecom industry. This minimizes my economic concerns and gives me some peace of mind and small
timeslots to be a photographer.




What inspired you to become a photographer?
Main part of my inspiration is my deep desire for self-exploration and self-expression, through a medium that is always accessible like a pen, seems to be easy, but is actually very difficult to understand. I consider this process of trying to understand what I am doing, a life-long project.




Other big part of my inspiration is masters of photography that I study like E.Atget, W. Evans, R.Frank, A.Kertesz, L.Levinstein, G. Winogrand, W.Klein, D. Moriyama, or many “next-door” young photographers that I admire.




What does Street Photography mean to you?
Streets is like a large palette or stage to direct your instincts and consciousness; an easy accessible place where you can be at any time, in a daily basis – something very crucial for an artisan or artist.




What attracts you to shoot?
I like very much anything that refers to the urban and suburban environment, focusing on human behavior and relationships. In fact I do not have any specific projects in mind when I go out shooting, I prefer something like stream-of-consciousness photography.




In the past I was very frustrated of not having specific projects in mind, but I am now very much convinced that I am finding a way with this, by just following my feelings or instincts. Of course I run across many adherences in my photography and have to solve these usual issues on editing and sequencing my work.




In your opinion what would Street Photographers be interested in particular in Amsterdam?
The marvelous urban/suburban environment,low but gentle lighting conditions during the day, exceptional form and structure everywhere, politeness and respectfulness of people.




Where were these images shot and what gear did you use?
The images were shot during my recent visit to Amsterdam, mainly at the city center, most of them while walking and exploring the city, some of them from inside tram or bus, while traveling to nearby suburbs. My gear was a Ricoh GR strapped to my wrist, and a spare battery in my pocket.




An Exceptional camera / tool, very customizable but still very simple to use inconspicuously, that makes me able to concentrate to the real thing with no distractions, some kind of part of my body and eye.




What aspects of Amsterdam did you want to show?
Amsterdam is the city of “tolerance”. Anyone can do anything like photographing in the streets or having their living rooms open in common view without being judged from others.




Of course this series is only my view of the city. I want to show My Amsterdam, a place where I feel at home.


How were you and your camera received?
Unnoticed, just like a water bird in the canals. lol




What is your favorite image of the series and why?
I can’t say for one favorite, since all photos are very recent yet, but I like the girl with the bike in the middle amongst others. I’m just starting to create my body of work with the Ricoh GR.




Any closing comments?

Thank you very much for welcoming me to your blog. God bless you.



7 thoughts on “Amsterdam Street Photography”

  1. Some very familiar places Panagiotis. Especially that last rain-covered photograph at the Van Gogh museum entrance is very much Amsterdam like I know it. And for those interested, there is a William Klein exhibition at Foam until 12 March.

    It was Ansel Adams who said: “No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce, but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions, and to build confidence in the creative spirit.”

  2. Thanks for commenting; and quote! I love this place and felt lucky to be there, it was somewhat like magic for me, definitely want to revisit. William Klein’s retrospective exhibition at Foam was definitely part of my inspiration.

  3. Thank you very much Mano! All images have been processed in-camera using the RICOH GR B&W High Contrast effect. It is a good starting point to see in b&w and process your RAW files, or even decide to not post process at all!

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