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What lessons can street photography teach us?

Are you wondering what lessons street photography can teach us? Before getting into it, I must say that just because you are asking this questions means you are serious about your images. It's not just point and shoot with you, you are an artist at heart and this will get you far. Did I get it right? Now let's dig right in…

What lessons can street photography teach us?

Street Photography can teach each of us lessons like paying being attentive, being present and others. Each person will have their own answer to this.

  • It taught me about being attentive to the details of life. Great street photography can be done anywhere, even if it won't really look like traditional “street photography”.
  • It taught me about opportunity, because your options are limited depending on where you are shooting.
  • It taught me about life, because I incorporate my kids in my street photography, and I know on a cellular level that they will soon leave me to make their own path (even if they swore they’d “never leave me”)
Street Photograph of a man sweing and looking at the camera
  • It taught me about the passing of time. You shoot one spot, come again next year and you see new buildings and old buildings not to be found.
  • It taught me to seize the moment, because that dream you have of shooting somewhere…that somewhere might not be there in the future. I have dreamed of shooting Hong Kong’s neon lights, but when I finally got there the neons were LEDs, and the building I dreamed of shooting was leveled.
  • It taught me to have a healthy distance. Not completely in the world but not out of it either. A semi transparent shield. When my kid was hospitalized at a few months old, all I could do was shoot as the EMT came to take my son to the hospital. I would have lost my mind otherwise.
  • It taught me to be patient in life. Same location, same time, same camera, and yet different results. Just because you tried once doesn’t mean it will fail another time, things change and might work the next time.
  • It taught me about process. The final image you see is a series of steps. The final image looks nothing like the original image right out of the camera. Anything you want in life can be had, but you won’t get to the image you have of your life just like that, there needs to be a process.

What lessons can street photography teach you?

Now that you have my answers, the question really becomes what can street photography teach YOU? You are the one that needs to come up with answers for that. If you asked yourself this question this tells me that you want MORE out of your street photography. My course is designed to make the most out of your street photography. It goes from composition to post processing, but also shows how to make your images more unique to you.

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