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I don't know about you but I love me some photography quotes. You're in luck too, I've assembled 210 for you on this page. But that's not all. Since you are either different or invisible, I made sure this list is different. How? 3 ways…

Curated quotes

First these quotes are curated. That means I have gone trough a file of about 914 lines full of quotes and read each and every single one of them… and I removed those who are not enlightening enough. I have also removed the quotes that could not be named or sourced. That left me a list of about 100 quotes. Where do the other ones come from? Glad you ask, this list also contains…

Original photography quotes

Most quotes about photography, or photoquotes are simply rehashed. They have been copied website from website without adding anything new. Again, since you are either different or invisible, I did something new. I actually purchased dusty old photography books (the kind you hold your breath when reading), READ them and got the quotes from there. So a LOT of the quotes you will find below are undiscovered quotes. But that's not all, I've compiled all those quotes into a…

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Short on time? Here's 5 Basic Principles From These Photography Quotes

If you are short on time, the good news is, you don't need to read every single quote to get a lot from them. Out of the hundreds of quotes below, there are about 5 “big ideas” you can take away:

1- Photographs are made, not taken

Photography, unlike any other art form is instant. No need to get messy and paint something, no need to sculpt, you get everything in a split second. So the impulse is to take pictures. To simply point, and shoot, thinking that this is the gist of photography. That is not so, there is a lot that goes into the making of a photograph, so while pictures can be the result of chance, photographs have been orchestrated, or designed. There's lots of thinking behind them.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” -Ansel Adams

2- Your camera can't help you

Cameras nowadays are awesome, they can shoot faster and better, and yet the quality of photography has not increased. Because at the end of the day, your camera can't help you. I had a serious case of gear acquisition syndrome, and it is easy to think that the photos come from the machine and not from inside of you.

“Memorable photographs have been made with the simplest of cameras using available light” -Yousuf Karsh

3- Images are more than meets the eye

Photography is a highly visual medium. So the impulse is to think it's only about what you see. But the truth is, photography is not just about seeing, it is also about thinking and feeling. In Inspired Eye's Street Photography Course, we call this the Eye, Heart and Mind.

“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.” -Peter Adams

4- Photography is about life

When I was a kid, I went into my dad's room and found movie, I don't remember the name or who was in it, just the blurb on the back of the cover. It said that the movie was about a person who “was afraid to die without having lived”. That is the essence of photography, or more precisely street photography. The more you live, the better you will be as a photographer. Photography happens where life happens.

“Art is the affirmation of life” -Alfred Stieglitz

5- Keeping your mind open

I receive lots of emails from photographers around the world, and I can't tell you how many times I've heard something along the lines of “There's nothing to shoot around me”. Every single time they show me their images, you wouldn't believe how great of a location they are in. But because they have a specific idea of what their images SHOULD look like, they miss the images that are right in front of them.

“When subject matter is forced to fit into preconceived patterns, there can be no freshness of vision” -Edward Weston

That is all, let's dig in the quotes proper:

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