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Street photography in the plane [Inspiration+ 6 tips]

Street photography is not limited to the streets, it an be done anywhere…including in a confined space such as an airplane. Yes all you need is a camera and an open mind to make some really great shots. Let’s dig in…

Street Photography in the plane: Inspiration & Tips

1. Be VERY careful

Just like in street photography at airports, you will have to be VERY careful making pictures in the plane. Avoid shooting portraits directly and in general bringing attention to yourself. It’s just a bad idea when everyone is a closed space and you are pointing your camera at someone directly in the aisle.

2. Shoot outside (duh)

street photography plane 1

How interesting is outside an airplane window? I’ve flown more than most and let me tell you it always surprises me. And don’t worry if you have a wide angle like the 28mm either, the shot above was made with one. Sure you’ll get a lot of duds, but there are always a few shots you will get from the window that really resonate with you. Also, if the plane window is a bit dirty as it sometimes is…try to incorporate the dirtiness in it.

3. Use the windows creatively

street photography plane 2 1

Inside and outside the plane have two different light intensities. Incorporate the window you see outside and try to use it creatively. In the shot above was my son’s hands on the window as we were in the plane. You can put anything in there and shoot: a polaroid, a toy, and more. Think outside the box. ll images on this page have been processed with these Lightroom presets.

4. Your spouse or kids

street photography plane 3

If you fly with your spouse or kids, incorporate them in your shots. Beauty shots can be made with your back behind the window, but you can also make some interesting shots with the shadows as the hit the face of your subject.

5. Other passengers

street photography plane 4

Again, you will have to walk a fine line between making a shot and not doing something creepy. In the shot above I was looking to capture the peace and grace this passenger had.

6. Shoot the Light

street photography plane 5

If you are on a flight when the light is starting to drop and night is coming, observe the beautiful light as it hits various objects and subjects. Pay special attention to the light direction as you can see for the shot above.


There you have it, how to do street photography IN the plane. Don’t look and act like a creep, avoid direct portraits and keep and open mind, you’ll get some pretty stellar shots. Since you are reading this, you are interested in street photography, right? Then check out my step-by-step street photography course here, and also my Street photography book and magazine.

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