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Camera Philosophy

Cameras are much more than tools. Photographers have an interesting relationship with them. Here are a few posts written about the photographer and their cameras:

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Best Cameras

Below there is a wealth of camera information about different brands, but if you want to skip to the best cameras, here are the posts you want to read:

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Gear Acquisition Syndrome

As someone who’s been a photographer for a decade, I can tell you that it is VERY EASY to fall for Gear Acquisition Syndrome, or G.A.S. So if you are reading this page, watch out for it. Here are 3 posts detailing the addiction:

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Here are all of the articles available on brand-specific cameras. Articles include camera reviews, best shots, comparisons, alternatives and more

Ricoh Cameras

ricoh gr ii hub

Ricoh GR II

ricoh gr iii hub

Ricoh GR III

Panasonic Lumix Cameras

panasonic lx100 hub

Panasonic LX100

panasonic lf1 hub

Panasonic LF1

panasonic cm1 hub

Panasonic CM1

Other Cameras

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Film Cameras

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Mobile Cameras

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