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Photographers, their cameras & the cure for gear lust





Cameras are beautiful objects of desire, sometimes they are even objects of lust. In this episode Don & Oliver discuss gear, necessities and the cure for camera lust.


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5 thoughts on “Photographers, their cameras & the cure for gear lust”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Love the magazine and podcasts, you’ve got something really special here. The comments re. Just getting out and using the gear you have are spot on.
    A question, I’ve had a GRV1 for years and loved it. I just ordered a GR to complement my Fujis. GR or GR 1V? Which should I go for?
    BTW the website is new and needs A LOT of work so please excuse at this point.

    Keep this going, it’s very special.

    All the beat,


    1. Thanks Alan for the nice compliments!
      I’m not following you….You said you ordered a GRD and then you ask which one
      you should go for?? Please clarify so that We can answer your questions 🙂

  2. Apologies for not being clear, I ordered a GR based on your great ebook, but have the option to switch to the 1V, I get the impression from some comments I read that the new GR is maybe not as good as the previous model albeit has the larger sensor?

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