Inspired Eye Photography Podcast: Episode 3 (Sony NEX system & Fuji X System)

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podcast[T]his episode of Inspired Eye Podcast is about the Sony NEX line and Fuji X line. Mainly the Nex6, Nex7, Fuji X-E1. There is also an interesting part about the Clinical Image vs the Emotional Image. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Inspired Eye Photography Podcast: Episode 3 (Sony NEX system & Fuji X System)”

  1. Guys it would be nice if you spoke into the mike when recording. It’s really painful to try and follow your banter, interesting as it is…. I stopped after minute 2…

      1. Yep I’m sorry, it’s brutal. I normally try to be nicer than that… 🙂 Still, really, you need a microphone. Also perhaps 50 minutes is a bit ambitious. We have families around, sometimes, and they may resent us disappearing in a black hole with earphones on our head. Still, whatever, I keep coming back for the good stuff and one day I’ll take the plunge and send you some stuff for review… Take care and thanks for sharing your insights. I love InspiredEye and I’m a subscriber. Can’t wait for issue #4

        1. I’ll take the truth any day of the week over nice comments.
          50 mins was way too long, we let ourselves go this time around because it was gear. 15-25 mins is what to expect from now on.

          If you have a family and want so peace, do the dishes with headphones on 🙂 Sure send stuff down for review 🙂 Thanks for the love! Issue 4 is going to be great! Thanks again

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