Overview of the Fuji X Cameras





In this long podcast episode Don & Olivier go over the Fuji X system cameras, asking if they can give the rangefinder experience, the settings they use & more. Cameras covered: Xpro1, Xe1, Xt1, X20



–Β Metabones HAS Speedboosters for the X system, but there’s no M mount speed booster for any system πŸ™

– The Fuji X20 is a 2/3rd sensor, not 1/1.7Β 

Thanks to Vernon & Geren


Download it here


Rico’s Fuji X ebook

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13 thoughts on “Overview of the Fuji X Cameras”

  1. Hey, guys! I was just listening to the podcast, and wanted to make a quick comment. I think Oliver commented that the X20 was a 1/1.7 sensor. It’s really a much bigger 2/3″ sensor. So, yeah, it’s a bigger camera. But like Don said: get pants with bigger pockets! πŸ™‚

    Otherwise, right on the money! The Fuji’s are great cameras! And the podcast is a lot of fun! Keep it up!

  2. Nice podcast, having not been into Fujifilm cameras before I picked up the XT1 , coming from a M8 mainly for the higher ISO. My shooting style hasn’t changed that much, I still keep my left eye open to see what is approaching, so the hump is a non issue coming from a rangefinder. What did surprise me was the quality of glass, as Don said the Fuji glass is excellent, I have the 23mm, 35mm and a 56mm on its way.

    The XT1 feels good in my hand and the thumb bump reminds me of the thumbs-up I had on the M8.

  3. Great discussion the X system. I agree with Olivier’s feeling that the X20 is just too big for a relatively small sensor camera. I guess that’s why he likes the Panasonic LF-1 so much. πŸ™‚ Personally, I love the LX-7 but doubt there will ever be a successor. Thanks again, guys.

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