Inspired Eye Photography Podcast: Episode 2 (Viewfinders vs Screens)

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[audio ] [/column1] [column2] [T]his time around Don & Olivier talk about using screens vs viewfinders when taking pictures.
Notes: Olivier forgot to mention that he shoots with the viewfinder with both eyes open too. You can “zoom out” that way by concentrating on the eye in the viewfinder and not the other one.

Download it here

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2 thoughts on “Inspired Eye Photography Podcast: Episode 2 (Viewfinders vs Screens)”

  1. Great coincidence listening to this podcast, having ordered an lcd magnifier (since my Sony nex-3n doesn’t have a viewfinder nor a hotshoe). As an amateur photographer I find it hard to be mindful of the 4 sides of the frame. I don’t notice all kinds of distractions going on there, as I am still am in the mindset of “oh look, a pretty boat” (as opposed to seeing the lines and the color blocks and the frame). I hope the lcd magnifier will help me to be more mindful by “trapping” me inside the black box. Will probably not use it for street photography.

    1. Thanks for your comment Mar, it’s a conscious decision to be mindful. so next time you are out….be mindful! Everything in the frame will either distract or enhance that pretty boat 🙂

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